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  1. R

    Drone what?

    Hi MP friends, apologies if this has been asked, but I searched and didn't see anything stand out that was a good summary help. Also, I humbly come to you after crashing my DJI Mavic 2 Pro after almost 4 years of flying (and having my Part 107 for around 3 years) in the US. What I'm curious to...
  2. zeusfl

    Mavic Air 2S - Return to Home, Failsafe and Precision landing tutorial video

    I decided to put together a video tutorial taking advantage of the beautiful Florida weather. In this tutorial, I am talking about and demonstrating how to correctly set up the settings on the drone and perform correctly RTH, Precision landing, and failsafe. I am demonstrating the different...
  3. K

    Drone got crazy and crashed after RTH! Possible warranty? [log inside]

    Hey everyone! Unfortunately, the worst has happened and my dear Mavic Air 2, only a week old, got crashed... Would like to understand whether I can activate the warranty and other repair options. How it happened: I was flying in the park, open area but with some trees around. I was after 10pm...
  4. kloogee

    Mavic Mini Return to Home Tutorial (RTH)

    I've seen a lot of discussion about the Return to Home (RTH) feature of the Mavic Mini, so I decided to put together a tutorial about it. There are some important safety tips I discuss that I haven't seen discussed in any other videos. Let me know if you think I've missed anything important.
  5. Gustavo Aguiar

    Help on Downlink data connection lost for 60 seconds

    Hi everyone, I own Mavic Pro for a while and for the first time I experienced Downlink data connection lost message. The Mavic lost connection with the RC and returned to home for three times. I was flying in a very wide area in a green field, surrounded by a rock and hills, but I didn't flew...
  6. B

    What happened to my drone? Lost connection at 120 meters

    Hi This incident happened a few days ago and i cant really figure out what caused this. I have just descended my drone from max altitude in sport mode down to 120+ meters. I hovered there for a short while and looked around with the drone and was just about to fly the remaining 600 meters...
  7. J

    Return to Home from altitude below takeoff point

    Greetings. First message here. I myself do not own a DJI product yet, but will most likely soon. I've been watching videos and following discussion threads for some time to see what the capabilities and occasional flaws (and their consequences) are. I do have a 'toy grade" drone that I practice...
  8. T

    Return to home calculator

    So I flew my drone today over the ocean being very conscious of the battery and that suggested return to home metre so 4 minute sbegir edit suggested I return home I returned home thinking I was safe but nope 800m out she auto landed into the sea and I was devasted. What is at fault here?? I...
  9. JoeCec

    | Return to Home Test | What happens if the MAVIC PRO controller shuts down in Flight?

  10. M

    Mavic disconnection

    I ws 500m out and with 3 bars on the RC still showing, the phone said aircraft disconnected. I switched off phone and restarted it and the app and only then did RTH begin, is this normal? Thanks.
  11. Roen808

    Return to Home

    Hi, whenever I hit (and hold) the RTH button on my controller until it starts beeping, or press and slide the RTH on my app, it will say "Landing" and it makes that beeping sound, then it will start landing. Any ideas? Simple setting change? Just wanted to check out the RTH feature but it does...
  12. Qoncussion

    [AMAZING] How accurate is Mavic's Smart RTH + Precision Landing?

    I often fly from an abandoned airport, atop a mountain in Nevada City, CA. On this particular mission, I had flown a total of 12,018 ft., and triggered RTH with the Mavic at a distance of 2,477 ft. from its home point. I rarely use RTH (ok, I never use RTH), but wanted to see how well the...
  13. G

    First Impressions

    After receiving my Mavic on Friday and charging and updating yesterday while it rained, I was able to get in my first flights today. In a word - phenomenal - although also a bit overwhelming. As expected the Mavic is rock solid in the air. Return to home put it back on the landing pad in...
  14. Mavic_Ward

    Part 107 lost link return to home question

    I'm studying for my Part 107 test right now. Something that just came up was a lost link procedure that would bring the bird back home but they want you to do it in a way that avoids flight over populated areas. As in people. The return to home feature on the Mavic or other drones doesn't...
  15. N

    Skyscraper rooftop takeoff/landing

    I ordered my Mavic (my first DJI drone) a few days ago and was wondering if it was possible or safe to take off from a rooftop about 30 stories up. I live close to the beach and a park, and would fly it over those places, but I find it much more convenient to take an elevator up to the roof...