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    Mavic Pro 859 USD - Platinum 999 USD

    There is a super price for Mavic Pro & Platinum DJI Mavic Pro - 859 USD Gearbest TR: DJI Mavic Pro Mini RC Quadcopter MAVIC PRO ONLY Discount Code: HKMONLY Platinum - 999 USD Gearbest TR: DJI Mavic Pro Platin Katlanır RC Quadcopter - RTF STANDARD VERSION Discount Code: TRNY201848
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    What's up with the UK price?!

    I saw the $499 price tag for the US, checked the exchange rate and found that equates to £385. I figured that it would be rounded up to £399 but was happy with that and switched to the UK store to buy a Spark for my kids. Then I saw the UK price and changed my mind. How can the US price be...
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    Refurbished Mavic pro with fly more kit price?

    I wrecked my Mavic and sent it in for repair and I believe they will be sending me a refurbished one. Being impatient, I bought another used one in the mean time. The one I bought is practically new so I will be selling the refurbished one when it returns with a fly more bundle. DJI refresh...
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    Selling my Mavic!

    I want to sell the Mavic I bought about 2 months ago. I bought the bundle package, Polar Pro ND Filters, and a nice water tight case for it. Total worth is like $1,600. I would want about $1,400 for it. I want to get a different drone and don't have the cash. There isn't a thing wrong with...
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    (edited) How much would you charge someone for a roof inspection?

    Title says it all, purely as an indication of things such as clogged gutters, weather damage, chimney damage etc. This would really help me out a lot thanks guys! This poll has been edited from my previous thread. Feel free to reply with suggestions :)