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  1. C

    How much should I charge in the UK

    Hi all OK so I've bought a mini 3 Pro and I'm going to cut my teeth. If someone wants me to take some aerial shots or videos, given the kit I'm using and the fact I'm green, how much could I realistically ask for? Thanks Regards
  2. aerialnorthwest

    Guide to Pricing Your Drone Services

    Happy Sunday! I wanted to share some intel with you regarding our recent business growth strategy presentation. One of the sessions focused on competitive pricing strategies for commercial drone pilots, specifically, how to develop a profitable "Rate Card" for their services. As a result of...
  3. M

    What's up with the UK price?!

    I saw the $499 price tag for the US, checked the exchange rate and found that equates to £385. I figured that it would be rounded up to £399 but was happy with that and switched to the UK store to buy a Spark for my kids. Then I saw the UK price and changed my mind. How can the US price be...
  4. H

    (edited) How much would you charge someone for a roof inspection?

    Title says it all, purely as an indication of things such as clogged gutters, weather damage, chimney damage etc. This would really help me out a lot thanks guys! This poll has been edited from my previous thread. Feel free to reply with suggestions :)