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propeller cage

  1. R

    Propeller guard alternative

    Does anyone know of a reasonably priced propeller guard that extends to the side of the propellers as well, not just below? Besides the propeller cage, which is ridiculously expensive. Thanks!
  2. PKovacs92

    Propeller cage - Crashed in first flight test, what I learned and to avoid

    I bought these mostly for a last ditch safety effort in case some people have a problem with spinning propellers near them to get the shots I need. Also to shoot later this year for a documentary indoors at a construction site. Pros: Super Light. Much lighter than I thought they would be. Cons...
  3. heo3480

    Review: 3 useful accessories for your Mavic

    Let's talk DJI Mavic Pro Accessories - Please find my review of 3 accessories for your Mavic Pro Hope you like it and will provide feedback for future products we can look into.
  4. R

    Nice Video of Mavic Propeller Cage Being Tested

    Came out last night, enjoy. Rob