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propeller cage

  1. R

    Propeller guard alternative

    Does anyone know of a reasonably priced propeller guard that extends to the side of the propellers as well, not just below? Besides the propeller cage, which is ridiculously expensive. Thanks!
  2. PKovacs92

    Propeller cage - Crashed in first flight test, what I learned and to avoid

    I bought these mostly for a last ditch safety effort in case some people have a problem with spinning propellers near them to get the shots I need. Also to shoot later this year for a documentary indoors at a construction site. Pros: Super Light. Much lighter than I thought they would be. Cons...
  3. heo3480

    Review: 3 useful accessories for your Mavic

    Let's talk DJI Mavic Pro Accessories - Please find my review of 3 accessories for your Mavic Pro Hope you like it and will provide feedback for future products we can look into.
  4. Robbyg

    Nice Video of Mavic Propeller Cage Being Tested

    Came out last night, enjoy. Rob