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Propeller cage - Crashed in first flight test, what I learned and to avoid


May 21, 2017
I bought these mostly for a last ditch safety effort in case some people have a problem with spinning propellers near them to get the shots I need. Also to shoot later this year for a documentary indoors at a construction site.

Pros: Super Light. Much lighter than I thought they would be.
Cons: Like everyone has said, 3 times as loud. Probably more like only twice as loud.

So how did I crash in my first mini flight test with them? Being Over confident with them.

With the Cages on them, I felt more relaxed going up to it and seeing how solid in place it was. I pushed it to the left, which gave much resistance. Then pulled it physically to another spot, let go, and watch it go back to exactly its original spot (Cool, like I've seen in videos)

Pushed down on the top of it, fought me even more to stay up, and got a warning in the app that said I had reached maximum motor rotation. So I think flying fast will be a bit hard as you will reach the max speed of the rotor.

Now the dumb thing I did. I reached underneath the back away from the sensors and lifted up. The Rotors spun down a lot and got quiet. I did it again with more lift, and it started to wobble in my 3 finger lift. I let go thinking it was stabilize itself, instead my mavic hit the ground in my living room hard from 2.5 ft up.
2 props caught the cage wires, shattered one, and folded and cut into the other one. Took a while to get the pressure of the props to untwist it from the cage wires. (But the Wires did not break!!) Both props were ruined since they also broke its connection into the motors. Of course it broke both similar props, and with only 1 spare of each that come with the cage package, my cage flight was soon over. Now I'm waiting for spare ones to come.

If you can justify needing it, it's worth it.... would I use it just flying around for my own safety.... No. But if I needed the shot and showed the complete safety of the cage, more people would OK to shoot near their property, especially if it's free publicity for their business. Plus it makes it look right out of a Hollywood movie!
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