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  1. RickyMavic

    How to film an Amazing event with a Drone

    Hope you guys like this one
  2. RickyMavic


    Hey guys! What do you think of this Church video we just finished? I feel like I covered most angles of the Church, what do you guys think? Any advice in general? Thanks!
  3. RickyMavic

    Quito, Ecuador- This shot immediately became my background pic

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about turning this mountain range into a droning playground :P what do you guys think of the pic? Thanks, RickyMavic youtube channel website
  4. RickyMavic

    Ilalo Mountain Quito, Ecuador

    Hey guys, If you've never flow up and around a mountain, this is what it is like. This is one of our latest videos flying around a mountain. Heads up, things get pretty windy up there. We have another video coming up this week. Thanks, RickyMavic youtube channel website