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How to film an Amazing event with a Drone

[Drone Police] How dare you fly your drone over a crowded stadium?!?!?!!? [/Drone Police]
[Drone Police] How dare you fly your drone over a crowded stadium?!?!?!!? [/Drone Police]
The fact that didn't happened in the US, the drone police will feel relieved. Lol! Perhaps he had the permission.
Nice video! There are risks when flying over people, but did you notice they were launching fireworks at one point, gunpowder filled projectiles with no guidance systems, right over the heads of people? A quadcopter under full control is actually quite safe, and if the country where the video was shot did not have the same laws, no problem.
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Amazing answer everybody! Thanks for the support!

The event organizers/soccer club hired me for the event, so everything I was doing was with permission and a lot of those takes were requested specifically by the client.

Ecuador does not have drone laws, and I'm actually working on creating laws that are completely in favor of the drone, so that we can fly a lot more freely, and most importantly to not limit the country with drone service innovation.

One of the projects, which would be completely illegal in the US and many other countries in South America, is drone delivery. There might not be a commercial drone that's perfect for deliveries, but there are enough pilots.

Therefore my team and I designed a drone course for quadcopter and fixed-winged drones, consisting on 40 hours.

If we can strategically place drone landing hubs and pilots on the roof tops of government buildings, we can strategically use m210 to do deliveries from roof top to roof top. Quito the city where this project is going to start, is filled with apartments but no skyscrapers because of regulations. So, all the apartments are relatively the same height.

I'm working towards creating laws that will push the entire drone culture forward, not restraining it because the ones that don't fly it, are scared of it or feel invaded by it.

So many countries have taken the wrong approach on the entire subject.

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