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  1. RickyMavic

    How to film an Amazing event with a Drone

    Hope you guys like this one
  2. RickyMavic

    Following a truck up Cotopaxi

    Hey guys, this is my favorite video I've done to date. What do you guys think? Thanks, RickyMavic
  3. T

    Returning from Ecuador and the Galapagos with my Mavic

    I've just returned from my trip to Ecuador. We flew into Quito and then on to Puerto Ayora to catch the Celebrity Cruise Ship Xploration, a 90' Catamaran with 8 staterooms. I did a lot of research about bringing my Mavic into Ecuador and was worried I'd be extorted for a large import fee...
  4. RickyMavic


    Hey guys, this is my most recent drone video! please, all the advice and comments would be much appreciated
  5. C

    Surf in Ecuador’s north shore

    I’m a long time rc pilot, have been checking the forums for quite some time but just now decided to join as an user. Here’s the link to some surfing footage filmed with my Magic, this little quad is **** impressive.
  6. RickyMavic

    Quito, Ecuador- This shot immediately became my background pic

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about turning this mountain range into a droning playground :P what do you guys think of the pic? Thanks, RickyMavic youtube channel website
  7. RickyMavic

    Ilalo Mountain Quito, Ecuador

    Hey guys, If you've never flow up and around a mountain, this is what it is like. This is one of our latest videos flying around a mountain. Heads up, things get pretty windy up there. We have another video coming up this week. Thanks, RickyMavic youtube channel website