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  1. S

    Mini 2 Innovation Day

    Innovation Day 2023
  2. winkiel82

    Pro Reconstruction of Warszawa Zachodnia 15 railway station

  3. Garatshay

    2 Pro Museum for Railway Enthusiasts

    A break in the weather here in Southern Ontario gave me the chance to snatch some footage of the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario in Smiths Falls. This may interest those who love railways and associated equipments.
  4. Drone View | Old Bridge

    Drone View | Old Bridge

    If you like the movie, don't forget to Like and Subscribe ! ;) Old railway bridge in Raba Niżna - Poland.
  5. J

    Dome rule.

    Hi I’m new here and to drones and keen to stay legal. I understand the rules about no closer than 50m to people etc b7nhave seen reference to the ‘dome rule’ which suggests some flexibility re flying near buildings or rai,ways. Can someone point me to an explanation of the dome rule? Thanks
  6. C

    Switzerland in 4k - Mavic Pro

    I have now lived in Switzerland for the last 5 months. This is a small video of the most epica places i've been so far! The video was shot at the Bernina Pass, Rigi Kulm, Filisur, Klöntaler See, Andermatt, Nätschen, Grindelwald and Lavaux