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range booster

  1. J

    Does Mavic Mini 1/SE CE Controller Boost Still Work?

    Hi, I currently have a DJI Mini SE CE (should be similar to Mavic Mini) on the latest drone firmware and v01.00.0600 for the controller. The range is a bit low even though I'm using 5.8ghz and parayagi amplifiers aimed properly (150m stock, 400m with amplifiers), probably because of my highly...
  2. V

    Mavic Mini | Fort Myers Beach, Florida

    Mavic Mini on Fort Myers Beach , Florida... testing out the TOZO Range Extender and the SunnyLife CPL Filter.
  3. 51 Drones

    Signal Boosters. Do they work for you?

    My Air just does not hold a signal as well as my MP. I bought some clamshell extenders, but had no luck. Do they actually work for anyone? I did find something that actually doubled my range though. Check it out:
  4. JoMaMa

    Range Extender Question

    Does anyone know the difference between the copper lined range extenders and the aluminum lined ones? Does it effect anything? Asking because I have the aluminum lined ones. Never fly without them. Just wondering if they're even doing anything...
  5. W

    Alientech booster Inside the guts.

    Which kind of Antenna is it ?
  6. Gringorio

    Mavic Disconnected

    On my second flight after having the MaxxMod range-extender antennae installed the Mavic disconnected about 4 minutes into the flight. I've had disconnects before with the Phantom series, but not the Mavic. With the Phantom, I was always able to recconect. This time with the Mavic it never...
  7. J

    Best antenna/range booster

    Hi, I'm new to mavic flying. Is there any consensus on the best antenna/range booster, or so most people just stick with the stock? I've seen some antennas and range booster threads sprinkled here and there, but nothing with hard evidence that it works
  8. J

    Has anyone tried the DJI Mavic PRO MaXX Mod Pro Range Extender?

    Has anyone tried the DJI Mavic PRO MaXX Mod Long Range Antennas? (MaXX MOD DJI Mavic Pro Range Extender 3 Antenna Kit + Installation -) I'm thinking about picking it up, but wanting to know if it is a gimmick first