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range extender

  1. JoMaMa

    Range Extender Question

    Does anyone know the difference between the copper lined range extenders and the aluminum lined ones? Does it effect anything? Asking because I have the aluminum lined ones. Never fly without them. Just wondering if they're even doing anything...
  2. PaulArcher

    Best 6 Mavic accessories that aren't a pain in the ***

    Hey there, guys, I always see online people reviewing tons of accessories for the Mavic but if you get all of them your flight experience sucks. Mostly because it takes so much time to install every accessory and carry them with you. So i made a video with my favorite 6 that are small and...
  3. J

    Has anyone tried the DJI Mavic PRO MaXX Mod Pro Range Extender?

    Has anyone tried the DJI Mavic PRO MaXX Mod Long Range Antennas? (MaXX MOD DJI Mavic Pro Range Extender 3 Antenna Kit + Installation -) I'm thinking about picking it up, but wanting to know if it is a gimmick first