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  1. stevietee10

    Screen recording on Android devices

    Hi I'd like to hear other pilots experiences of screen recording apps for Android devices. Are there any that are really good and don't hog resources? Are there some to avoid all costs !! ? Any feedback and advice greatly appreciated Cheers Steve :)
  2. T

    Can I capture video "on the ground" while Mavic Pro is in the air?

    Can I record the video of a Mavic Pro flight on the ground (either in the RC controller or in the Goggles) while the Mavic Pro is in the air? I know a video can be recorded to SD card on Mavic Pro, but is there any way to record the Mavic Pro video to a ground station? I spend 1/2 hour with...
  3. jontracey

    Recording HUD from DJI Go App - using iOS

    Hi Guys I got a lot of questions about how I recorded the screen of hte DJI go app using iOS from my last video, my method is a little clunky and I am fully aware you can do this using the iOS 11 Beta or the Litchi app but wanted to put my solution out there incase anyone wants to try it. Its...
  4. B

    Black screen at begining of video recordings.

    Hi, ive read a few posts about black screens and loss of signal but my issue is a bit different and I cannot find a thread for it. During flight, my recording goes perfectly, streaming to my samsung Gs6 works fine. Once I review my recordings on my phone, for about half a second at the...
  5. hemlok

    Brief Vertical Distortions in Footage

    New mavic owner here, I've been flying for about 2 months now, and I'm just getting a hang on the film aspects of the mavic. I've noticed however that I'm getting these strange vertical artifacts when I'm recording. They show up on the preview on my phone, and are also on the footage recorded...
  6. M

    Filming looks like a Watercolor painting.

    Filming in 1080p, 2.7k, 4k modes creates a very blurry recording that looks a lot like a watercolor painting. Any thoughts or solutions? It started out only happening in the 1080p higher frame rates which i understand now why, but it is doing it in every resolution now.
  7. S

    Corrupted/Unopenable .MOV and .MP4 files

    So I've had the Mavic about a month now and flown it at every possible opportunity. The first time I discovered an unopenable file was after a full battery run and capturing one 3gb video file at 1080p in .MOV format. VLC displays the video length as 0:00 and QuickTime displays a message saying...