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  1. O

    Red green function

    Hello! I have a problem with my Mavic Air. After flying it for a while battery went low so I decided to land it and download the pics to my phone. Meanwhile the battery died and after a while each rotor started to rotate individually for a bit, but fast enough to make the drone jump around. I...
  2. I

    How to unlock Red NFZ?

    They are there for a reason, but, needed to unlock for work. Thought I'd share the process, hoops you need to jump through & time it takes.
  3. M

    Mavic Error After Takeoff "Check App" No Log

    When I was out flying on a pier at a nearby lake today I took off and immediately got an error (which I can't seem to remember the exact wording), the controller said to check the app and the status light on the Mavic was solid Red. The app wasn't indicating any error at the time, I brought the...