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  1. krodgerson

    GPS reset on 6th April

    I've been told that it's best not to fly on April 6th because of a GPS reset which is due to happen then. Does anyone have more info about this? I for one am not going to risk it. Keith
  2. M

    Second hand Mavic wifi rest?

    Hi guys, bought a Mavic quite a while ago and always flew it with the remote. Yesterday i tried connecting it via wifi to fly it with my phone,but it would not accept the wifi password that is on the drone.I think the previous owner must have changed the password and I have no way to contact...
  3. B

    Gimbal / Camera Reset Mid Flight (Screen Record)

    I have been flying the Mavic exactly a year now. Never had any major issues until just recently. The gimbal camera reset issue I have noticed a lot of people with the same issue and hope that there is a solution already or one not far away. My DJI Mavic Pro on almost every flight now has a...
  4. K

    Mavic Home Point Reset After DJI GO 4 Crashed

    Two days ago I was flying my Mavic Pro over St. Augustine beach. As has been happening since the Spark was introduced, the DJI GO 4 app crashed midflight. The problem was that when I restarted the app, the battery on the Mavic was low and went into the RTH mode. This would normally be ok, but...
  5. G

    FW 700 Aircraft Locked. Help!!!

    Hi pilots, I got a Mavic half month ago and just flew for twice. And now DJI locked my drone just because I didn't upgrade to 900 firmware. I can't believe they did this, INCREDIBLE!!! I will never upgrade because: 1) I don't want to be controlled. 2) 700 firmware is good enough for me I think...