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    2 Pro Cinematic drone footage color graded in DaVinci Resolve

    Here is my newest drone video, first time edit in DaVinci Resolve after using Premiere Pro for years.
  2. A

    Davinci Resolve - Render quality issues

    I have been experimenting with Davinci Resolve and cannot get clear video after I render. I've tried many of the different settings available. I start out with pleasing high quality 4k video (viewed on a 4k laptop screen), shot in MP4, D-cinelike or D-log, 24fps, NTCS etc. My latest...
  3. Digitaldias

    Movie Studio Platinum, export to Resolve for color grading?

    Hi, windy day, no flying, and I'm away from home. During my holidays, I've discovered DaVinci resolve and decided to do ALL of my color grading there. Question is, with Movie Studio 13 at home (probably 14 once I upgrade) - does anyone know if I can export it to a format that Resolve can use...
  4. Digitaldias

    No middle mouse button - how to move zoomed view in Resolve?

    Hi all. New pilot, and new to Resolve too, as it came recommended on this forum, I downloaded my free copy, and now I'm throwing all my investment in Sony Movie studio (VEGAS) into the bin. Resolve is just THAT much better! Anyways, since I'm still on holidays, I'm on my laptop, where I have...