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  1. CelsoDiniz

    Drone that follows AND go back home alone?

    Hi, Is there a Drone that follows AND go back home alone? In fact I’d like to set the launch place as home, program it to follow me around, without the need for me to control it as I will have my hands busy. I won’t be far from the launch place, and ideally the drone will to go back home by...
  2. M

    Help confirm (non) return to home behavior Mavic Air 2

    I had a dirty Usb port on my phone. This caused a rc disconnect error but the controls still work. I press the return to home on the remote and NOTHING happens. Can someone confirm these steps? 1. get airborn and set home point. 2. pull the usb cord to your phone. Confirm the control sticks...
  3. R

    Mavic Mini return to the remote location

    Hello everyone, Its been 5 weeks I got my mavic mini. I love all the features and functionality of mavic mini. However, i was trying to make a video while riding a car. Surprisingly, after every 49 ft the drone would stop and give a warning sigh “ maximum altitude reached return home” it was...
  4. C

    Drone crashed in the Hudson River after battery died

    I flew my drone approximately 21,000 feet across the Hudson and received a warning that I needed to return home immediately so as to have enough battery life to make it back. My battery was at 40% and I spent at least another minute flying around the shoreline before returning. Long story short...
  5. A

    Mavic does RTH without GPS signal!!!

    Hello everybody... I found out something very strange today... It looks like that Mavic will RTH EVEN WITHOUT GPS!!! That's a reason for fly-aways... Where (and HOW) does Mavic go without GPS??? What happened: Normally I take off and land indoors, without GPS, without any issues... I take off...