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ribbon cable

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    Mavic pro vision error a00004, front left sensor error.

    I apologize for this being so long winded. So I have dug and dug and I can only find a thread of one other having this same issue, and there was never a resolution. I received the drone in pieces for free to see if I could rebuild it. I replaced all 4 arms, the chassis, the gimbal arm, and...
  2. F

    Mavic Pro Camera is facing Down to Zenith

    Hi, my ribbon cable flex was damaged (without any crash) so i ordered a new one and changed it with various youtube videos. The classic "gimbal motor overload" message is not poping out now, but the camera is facing down looking at the zenith (-90° i guess) *the remote control is calibrated *i...
  3. C

    No Gimbal movement and no video feed

    I was having gimbal motor error after landing a hill with stones. But the gimbal and video was ok. Just cannot calibrate the gimbal and it was knocking. Anyway i tried to replace the ribbon and BOOM. No video now and no movement of gimbal. Then i changed the silver cable (video transmittin) but...
  4. P

    Gimbal calibration fails, is video required?

    So I finally had a significant crash. Flying at night with my led props and crashed into a tree, oops. Replaced the props and all seemed to be good but then noticed I couldn't tilt the gimbal. After doing some checking I suspected the ribbon cable got damaged. Ordered a new one and replaced...
  5. D

    *CRASH* & No Video after several repairs!

    Not having the best luck with fixing my mavic pro after a palm tree island crash earlier this year. I've been reading all the forums and following all the threads and watching all the videos and unfortunately I've hit the "wall". I dunno where to go from here and would appreciate your input! I...
  6. S

    Mavic Pro camera

    Hi All Sorry this is my first post but I've been searching the web to find a problem similar to mine and have had no success, I use my mavic pro recreationally but also for a few commercial jobs both video and mapping. I've had it for over a year now and it's been working well aside from a few...
  7. F

    Isolating causes: Gimbal motor warm w/ creased ribbon cable

    My Mavic was crashed into a tree down in New Zealand in February, it made it out fine except for a torn ribbon cable. Fixed it and all was good again. Fast forward several months later, the gimbal slowly started getting wobblier, and then started randomly looking straight up or straight down...
  8. C

    Can someone who is currently fixing a torn gimbal ribbon lay it flat folded & post it?

    Can someone who is currently fixing a torn gimbal ribbon lay it flat folded & post it? Every YouTube video, every single one of them is terrible.l. It's connector number two where everyone has the problem and that's where the mistakes are as far as the slack. It's amazing! The people that made...
  9. M

    Gimbal Error

    Video below. My gimbal will not get past initial calibration, error is gimbal motor overload. It starts up, moves up down, then stops pointing down and to the right. I have read of the numerous other users with somewhat similar problems, but the only difference I believe is mine doesn't turn...