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Isolating causes: Gimbal motor warm w/ creased ribbon cable


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Mar 7, 2017
My Mavic was crashed into a tree down in New Zealand in February, it made it out fine except for a torn ribbon cable. Fixed it and all was good again.

Fast forward several months later, the gimbal slowly started getting wobblier, and then started randomly looking straight up or straight down, and now when it starts will not initialize or calibrate and will generally go to looking straight down. Video feed still works fine. The gimbal motor gets warm in the up/down direction and sometimes makes a faint high pitched whine and also sometimes a quiet, high frequency, ticking sound.

Upon pulling the gimbal apart I see what looks to be a slow failure of the gimbal ribbon cable, as pictured below. What I’m wondering is this though: is it common for a gimbal motor to get warm only in the up/down direction from a failing ribbon cable?

I ask as I see you can buy replacement gimbals for what ribbon cables we’re going for back in February. If the heat is a common indicator of gimbal motor issues I’ll probably just buy a motor with cable and his reattach my current camera.
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I don't have an answer, only posting because my cable looks exactly like that and I am having the same symptoms.

I will order a new ribbon cable and try to replace it.
I ordered a new cable and routed it yesterday. I’ll remount the gimbal tomorrow or the next day and let you know what I get.
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