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gimbal motor overload

  1. N

    Gimbal Motor Overloaded

    Welcome to my story of Gimbal Motor Overload. Around 4 months ago I starting getting the dreaded GMO pop up while flying my Mavic 2 Zoom. The camera wouldn't stabilize and thought that's not ideal, packed it away and decided to sort it at a later date. Couple of weeks later I took it out for a...
  2. B

    AIR 2S under-view light don't work

    Hello friends! Does anyone on here know how to fix or replace the under-view LED light on the AIR 2S ? I recently purchased the Air 2S a few weeks ago. Works great but I'm just learning how to pilot this thing. The other night I was flying and it hit the eave of a house and crashed. After the...
  3. maggior

    Gimbal Motor Overload

    Today I took my Mavic Air 2 out for a debut flight and it was a wonderful experience. The footage is stunning and it's an absolute pleasure to fly. One thing happened that was concerning...when taking off after a practice landing, I noticed that the video footage was jerky, like on a budget...
  4. P

    Crashed Air & gimbal motor overload error and incline gimbal with yaw problem

    Hi What would you recommend to do with Air that has been crashed and has gimbal motor overload error and visibly incline gimbal (horizontal)? Also gimbal auto calibration won't (naturally) finish. Could it be fixed possibly with (new) ribbon cable and perhaps by fixing this possible issue ? Or...
  5. H

    Gimbal / motor issue after it crashed

    Silly me trying to land on reflective surface “top of me car” the drone could not find the car, so I try to assist in landing, it landed on the edge of the top. Then it fall . Some scratches on the right leg, and I think it is broken but still holding. Some scratches on the camera body. On...
  6. N

    gimbal motor overload

    Hi everyone, I had a minor crash with my mavic pro two weeks ago. I was getting the errors: 1.Gimbal motor overloaded. Check weather gimbal clamp is removed. 2. Gimbal is restarting. Check that gimbal rotates smoothly if restart fails again. Everything looked fine until I saw one of the LVDS...
  7. M

    Please Help.

    I had a crash the other day,presumed it was minor but after getting my new replacement props and preparing to fly, my gimbal is malfunctioning. I have tried multiple calibration and it gets to 31 % then I get a message saying calibration failed.while all this is going on, in the background the...
  8. F

    Isolating causes: Gimbal motor warm w/ creased ribbon cable

    My Mavic was crashed into a tree down in New Zealand in February, it made it out fine except for a torn ribbon cable. Fixed it and all was good again. Fast forward several months later, the gimbal slowly started getting wobblier, and then started randomly looking straight up or straight down...
  9. C

    Gimbal locked up during Active Track, overload, wheel error [video]

    Had a strange gimbal failure yesterday while using Active Track. As the subject changed directions and started running, the Mavic seemed to just barely maintain its target, but before it could start moving the gimbal threw itself into an awkward angle and got stuck. Here's the video: Dropbox -...
  10. nom3d

    Aircraft Motor Overload - Fix myself or send to DJI?

    I purchased a Mavic on eBay May 7th 2017. Received it May 12th 2017. I did not purchase DJI Care, refresh or any extended warranty. I have never crashed the mavic and always kept it safe in a case. I have probably flown the mavic 20 times since purchase. On June 21st 2017 I went to fly the mavic...
  11. D

    DJI Mavic Pro Gimbal Ribbon Cable Burnt and Smoked

    Hope everyone had a great day so far. I desperately need some help here with my Mavic. I crashed it couple weeks ago: the broken parts are gimbal ribbon cable and one of the dampening rubber bands. So I did replace the gimbal ribbon cable first and everything worked except the video was so...
  12. xbox360

    Gimbal Motor Overloaded, The drone has never been crashed

    I have this error in my Drone, please help me, Anyone have the solution to this problem? The drone has never been crashed I have the last firmware. I calibrated the gimbal too and remains the same.
  13. Andrew F

    PolarPro Cinema Vivid installed photo?

    Can someone send me a photo of an installed and properly working PolarPro Cinema Series Vivid Collection filter? I'm just about to return my set as I keep getting the "Gimbal Motor Overloaded" error and the gimbal stops in the 7 o'clock facing down position. I just want to verify that when I...