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rth failure fly away case study loss

  1. Johannvangruting

    RTH unlimited climb.

    My Mavic Pro platinum is having a weird problem. As soon as I press 'return to home' it turns and starts climbing. Way above my pre-set RTH height of 45m. Up to the ceiling of 120m. And than sticks there, not moving. I left it there for 10 minutes, just to see if it needed to reorient itself...
  2. C

    Was this my fault?

    I lost my drone about a week after I bought it. I posted to this forum the night it happened giving the flight info and everthing. When I woke up the next morning to go find it there had been an overwhelming show of support and help. I the drone was recovered and it was amazing! 5 days ago my...
  3. F


    Application used on mobile device: DJI GO 4 (updated on 03/16/2017) Description of the operation when Mavic flew away: At the end of the flight, I hovered Mavic Pro and started descending to 100 meters. During the process of descending, when the Mavic pro was 103 meters height, it suddenly...