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  1. christangey

    Unseen Australia

    Australia is so much more than the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef, it is both a country and a continent. This vast nation is the same size as the USA, but with just 7% of its population. Here is just a glimpse of the Australia you didn't know. Shot on both the Mavic and Mavic 2...
  2. Solar Power Flight

    Solar Power Flight

    Flying over a Solar Farm on a hot summer afternoon
  3. Under the clouds

    Under the clouds

  4. shaman

    Howdy y'all from rural Madison County, Kentucky!

    I just got my Mavic Pro last Thursday and I'm getting the hang of it quicker than I thought. It's an awesome little drone that I want to take hiking and do some photography in some of the remote areas of the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Red River Gorge. I hope to pick up some good tips...
  5. bungrudi

    Highland in Central Java, Indonesia

    Enjoy the greens :)
  6. C

    Rural Native American-Owned Land, Community in Delaware

    Greetings, folks. My American Indian tribe, the Nanticoke Indian Tribe of Delaware (sorry; I was born before being PC was a thing hanging over everyone's head. Growing up I NEVER played "Cowboys and Native Americans;" I happily played Cowboys and Indians with the other neighborhood kids!!) are...