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  1. V

    Life on a Tropical Island. Sailing Indonesia

    I fell in love with Meti Island and its people during my visit, so much so that I extended my stay by a week. Such an innocent way of life there, smiling kids, laughing adults. Working hard each day but always together. This is the reason I brought my boat and started on this adventure, to see...
  2. V

    Incredible live VOLCANO, part 2 Sailing Indonesia (Learning By Doing Ep 91)

    Dukono Volcano Part 2 After a very short night we got ready to climb to the Volcano crater in part 2 of the Dukono adventure. As our clothes had not had time to dry out and the climate on the mountain being very different than on the coast we spent a very cold few hours in the tent trying to...
  3. newt2u

    October Sailing

    Had a great day sailing last Wednesday, glorious sunshine and a brisk breeze. What more can you ask for. Well got a bit more, as I capsized and lost a buoyancy bag at the end of the day. A great afternoon compressed to 5mins, enjoy. Its a combination of MA and sportscam (limiting the clip to...
  4. V

    Flying while sailing.

    I am starting a sailing adventure this year, sailing to the Solomon Islands. This video is of a recent shakedown cruise and a test of my new spinnaker which I filmed with my MP. Also some epic drone footage of my girl on her SUP on Fraser Island, Australia.
  5. S

    Lost MP into lake trying to fly off sailboat - dumb mistakes

    Putting up this post in the hopes that I might save someone else from dropping their MP into the drink. Bottom line, my overconfidence cost me my MP. Situation: Was out on a buddies sail boat on Lake Erie. Hand already done several hand launches and catches from power boats before, so did not...
  6. V

    Final trip aboard Lets Live (Learning By Doing Ep 59)

    This is a sailing video but there is some nice footage from my Mavic. I achieved a goal of getting drone footage while sailing solo, it was pretty nerve wracking bring the bird in to land while still sailing though!
  7. V

    Sailing North

    We leave the Whitsunday Islands and sail north. We have 3 weeks before Ylva flys out of Cairns so we spend it visiting some nice spots along the way like Magnetic Island, Hinchenbrook Island and Dunk Island. I get some really good aerial footage as we motor up the mangrove creeks at the northern...
  8. M

    Crane shot

    This old crane was recently rebuild into an officespace. I remember years ago when they were active reloading ships at the same dock. will post vid later.
  9. G

    Poolbeg Yacht Club - Dublin, Ireland

    A beautiful day in Dublin, Mavic's first trip abroad!