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  1. bjhirsch

    Air 2 ClubMed Kemer 2023 summer vibes & first contact with a mega Yacht drone defence system

    Summer Vibes ClubMed Bodrum. A summer beach vacation needs always a bit more "action" than just swimming & sailing for me, so here is my usual summer vacation postcard with some relaxed flying during our recent trip to ClubMed Bodrum in Turkey. Really a perfect place to relax with always good...
  2. virtualphotographers

    Air 2 Last rides before the snow shut us down

    Snow hit Saturday night and the local lakes are covered in 4-5 inches of powder. Good for cross country skiing but not ice boating. Anyway, here’s the last sunny day on Hollywood ice
  3. A

    Sailing Croatia 2020

    This is a video of this years sailing in Croatia. Drone used is Mavic Air.
  4. V

    Discovering Wayag, Sailing RAJA AMPAT

    Wayag is maybe that place you've seen pictures of but never known where it is. Marie and I have been spending a lot of time during the covid thing in Wayag, nearly alone in this piece of paradise. We are trying to explore every corner of it and show you at home this special place. This week we...
  5. V

    Risking my life to find my drone in Wayag. Sailing Indonesia

    Finally free from Quarantine we sail far from the nearest village to the beautiful Wayag. This will be are base for the coming month and we find the most amazing anchorage right away. My drone didn't seem to like the spot though and promptly flew into a bush which saw me risking my life to try...
  6. desertvet38

    "Norwegian Dawn" Cruise Ship

    This giant, "Norwegian Dawn" was moored in Tampa Bay this afternoon, so I had to get my DJI Mavic Pro 2, and head out to get some video of this monster. She's a gorgeous ship, and is sailing under the flag of Bahamas. She is a whopping 1092.51' in length and 125' in width. My wife and I have...
  7. V

    Life on a Tropical Island. Sailing Indonesia

    I fell in love with Meti Island and its people during my visit, so much so that I extended my stay by a week. Such an innocent way of life there, smiling kids, laughing adults. Working hard each day but always together. This is the reason I brought my boat and started on this adventure, to see...
  8. V

    Incredible live VOLCANO, part 2 Sailing Indonesia (Learning By Doing Ep 91)

    Dukono Volcano Part 2 After a very short night we got ready to climb to the Volcano crater in part 2 of the Dukono adventure. As our clothes had not had time to dry out and the climate on the mountain being very different than on the coast we spent a very cold few hours in the tent trying to...
  9. newt2u

    October Sailing

    Had a great day sailing last Wednesday, glorious sunshine and a brisk breeze. What more can you ask for. Well got a bit more, as I capsized and lost a buoyancy bag at the end of the day. A great afternoon compressed to 5mins, enjoy. Its a combination of MA and sportscam (limiting the clip to...
  10. V

    Flying while sailing.

    I am starting a sailing adventure this year, sailing to the Solomon Islands. This video is of a recent shakedown cruise and a test of my new spinnaker which I filmed with my MP. Also some epic drone footage of my girl on her SUP on Fraser Island, Australia.
  11. S

    Lost MP into lake trying to fly off sailboat - dumb mistakes

    Putting up this post in the hopes that I might save someone else from dropping their MP into the drink. Bottom line, my overconfidence cost me my MP. Situation: Was out on a buddies sail boat on Lake Erie. Hand already done several hand launches and catches from power boats before, so did not...
  12. V

    Final trip aboard Lets Live (Learning By Doing Ep 59)

    This is a sailing video but there is some nice footage from my Mavic. I achieved a goal of getting drone footage while sailing solo, it was pretty nerve wracking bring the bird in to land while still sailing though!
  13. V

    Sailing North

    We leave the Whitsunday Islands and sail north. We have 3 weeks before Ylva flys out of Cairns so we spend it visiting some nice spots along the way like Magnetic Island, Hinchenbrook Island and Dunk Island. I get some really good aerial footage as we motor up the mangrove creeks at the northern...
  14. M

    Crane shot

    This old crane was recently rebuild into an officespace. I remember years ago when they were active reloading ships at the same dock. will post vid later.
  15. G

    Poolbeg Yacht Club - Dublin, Ireland

    A beautiful day in Dublin, Mavic's first trip abroad!