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salt water

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    Mavic pro in salt water

    Hey guys, Today I crashed my mavic pro in salt water, it flew against the boat and fell from 1 foot in the water. My father quickley dove in the water and got it out of the water in 3 seconds. The battery still was on and it is in rise for a few hours now. I just checked some other forums for...
  2. D

    DJI care refresh - salt water

    I have has several people give me conflicting information, can someone from DJI give a definitive answer on this. Does the DJI care refresh cover a Mavic Air if it gets water damaged in salt water i.e. the sea. I have been told it doesn’t by a supplier who said their own insurance is better...
  3. M

    Crashed and went into sea water - Help please

    Hi guys, Well, I crashed my Mavic Pro about 10 days ago and wanted some help now to know what action should I take. I was flying from a boat on a place closed by high rocky walls here in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. The drone took off and suddenly it lost the GPS connection going into OPTI mode and...
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    Mavic 2m under the sea - survived

    Hello folks, thought I'd share an experience with you. At home we have a pool with a salt water system. When phones or electronics get into the pool, we immerse in burning alcohol to remove the water, agitate for a while, allow to dry out and they generally work OK. One phone had funny...