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Mavic pro in salt water


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Jul 27, 2018
Hey guys,
Today I crashed my mavic pro in salt water, it flew against the boat and fell from 1 foot in the water. My father quickley dove in the water and got it out of the water in 3 seconds. The battery still was on and it is in rise for a few hours now. I just checked some other forums for salt water crashes so I know about destilled water and other things to cleanse it and then dry it. Unfortunately I don’t have access to those kind of things here. Is it strongley recommended to put it in destilled water or is it not needed as it was just in the water for 3 secondes and the battery was on when we got it out.
Thanks for your time/response.
Dear friends,
Today I was flying above salt water very close to me with the camera looking down and 2' 25" of battery remaining and suddenly my Mavic Pro Flipped 90 degrees and crashed into the water. The last thing I remember was the message saying it would land and I tried to go to a dry area since I was so close from the drone. I put the last image on the flight record before it crashed. I immediatelly took it off the water and washed with bottled water. All its parts is OK, but I will put it in the rice for a week and see what happens. I don't know if it was a battery error or a software bug. I will keep it positive and hope for the best when I try to turn on the drone a week from know. His name is Drance, but if he wakes up I will call him Salty Fenix.
Yesterday I opened the drone put anti-corrosion oil, cleaned as much beach sand as i could, and turned it on. For my happiness it did turned on, and i did its first flight after the accident. There was a message saying ´´Gimbal motor overload´´. So I landed, put I bit more of anti-corrosion oil on the gimbal, and took off again. My drone is working well, I believe that the main thing was that when it crashed into the salty water it was already off, I immediatelly washed with drinkable water, and waited 07 days with the drone in the rice. Now I have my drone again and his new name is Salty Phoenix #454.
Have a read of this thread, it has some good advice to get the salt water out, get the distilled water out (using iso alcohol), then let it simply dry out.
Rice is a myth.

And a couple of others . . .

Not sure about the above pilots longer term results.

I'm glad you got it working ok, but it'd be VERY hard to trust anything again with the electronics in it like our drones . . . be careful, and maybe take the covers off and check the inside for solder / board corrosion every month or so for a while.
They are really computers that can fly.

Don't be tempted to use the battery again, if it will fire up.

If you'd like to know what HAPPENED to make your drone crash, a flight analysis would be good to get.

Go here and follow the instructions . . . DJI Flight Log Viewer | Phantom Help
Post the link to the resulting page here, and some people with the power to dig into it can be notified.
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