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sanibel island

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    Air 2 Silver Shalis Yacht | Sanibel Island

    Video was recorded in 4K, not sure why the playback is maxed out at 720?!
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    DJI Mavic Mini | Sanibel Island Causeway | 08-12-2020

    I love this little drone! Comments welcome!
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    DJI Mavic Mini | Sanibel Lighthouse

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    DJI Mavic Mini | Chasing Kite Surfers | Sanibel Island

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    spring break in Savannah and Sanibel

    Hello new member here from Maryland. Currently debating whether to get a Mavic Air or Spark...but that is a different topic! The family and I are headed to Sanibel Island, FL with a day stop in Savannah, GA. Wanted to get any do's and don'ts about flying in those areas. I know Sanibel is...