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  1. rusty4630

    Air 2 Flight at Duck Pond Beach area

  2. S

    Mallorcan Cycling - Cap De Formentor

    Took some video of a recent ride with a friend while we were in Mallorca. Hope you enjoy!
  3. O

    Aotearoa from above

    After months of procrastination, I have finally edited and uploaded some footage from a recent trip to sunny New Zealand. Go easy on me as this is my first attempt at drone filming and editing. Many thanks.
  4. J

    The Gap - Sydney

    Newbie here. One of my first drone video. Feedback and comment please.
  5. G

    My Taiwan film shot all by the Mavic

    This film was shot in Taiwan by me. Some of the locations were really hard to get to as they were so far of the beaten track it wasn't funny, especially the village purged on the side of the mountain. The scenery is dramatic , lush and almost other worldly . The film features a sound track by a...
  6. C

    First Video With My New Mavic

    Hello everyone. Took my Mavic out for a first day of filming. Foggy all morning and overcast, but I worked with what I had. I'd always wanted to know what my wooded property and house look like from the air. A better view than Google gives me. So I flew around my land today and captured my...
  7. RCSchim

    Best Aerial Shots I've captured so far

    Guys, check out my latest compilation. Tried to choose only the most epic shots from 5 sessions (1-3 flights each). These are my first 3 weeks with this drone. Full review will follow soon (think I tested most functions out soon - currently exploring Litchi more). Filmed mostly in 4k (first...