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sd card error scandisk

  1. M

    Unable to read some files from SD Card

    Hi All, Happy New Year to you all, Really hope someone can help. I have noticed that I have a number of files on the sd card which I am unable to view when plugged in to my IMac. The SD card is taken from the Mavic, placed in an adapter that it came with and plugged into my Imac. The files are...
  2. scalci

    SD Card Error

    Hi Guys I got a new Scandisk ULTRA 64Gb XC1 SD card for my Mavic. When I record video's, it records a few seconds then I get an SD Card error. Any else had this, or maybe have a fix? I reformatted, etc. but still the same. When I use the 16Gb that was supplied, all works good. Rgs Scalci