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Mr Migs

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Jan 2, 2017
Hi All,

Happy New Year to you all,

Really hope someone can help. I have noticed that I have a number of files on the sd card which I am unable to view when plugged in to my IMac. The SD card is taken from the Mavic, placed in an adapter that it came with and plugged into my Imac. The files are displayed in finder but only 3 out of the 25 files shows a preview and are able to play on VLC or Quick Time. I have search high and low for a resultion as I have footage on the card which was taken last night which I really need. Both VLC and Quicktime display an error. I have even tried downloading off the card on to the unit (3GB) and playing the video but get the same thing. I have tried a video converter and do not get a video file out put. I am about to pull out my hair. Some please help? The footage was shot in 1080.
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Can you try on a windows pc, or try to read file internal data with something like "ria media viewer" to troubleshoot.
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Thanks, will give it a try and let you know. Do you know a safe link for the download
Insert the card back into the mavic and see if you can play them back via your DJI GO APP.
You may have powered down the device before stopping the recording and this may have stopped the vid from finalising. Playing it back via the GO-app may fix it.
I had to format the SD card which was corrupt. I can only imagine that the card became corrupt due to user error. I had not been finalising my recordings and had just been turning off the drone rather than stopping the recording and then powering down the equipment. Thank you all for your help. My issue has now been resolved.
That was most likely the cause. I've even seen corrupt SD cards giving a video transmission error on GO. Make sure to stop the video before shutting down.
FYI, I have (free) software that can repair many of these corrupted video files:
Repairing Corrupt DJI Phantom or Inspire Video Files
The opening sentence of this link is good advice:
Sometimes, if you accidentally power off your DJI quadcopter (Phantom, Mavic, or Inspire) before stopping video recording, you'll be left with a file that's corrupt, and cannot be played.
The user manual advises: "Keep or place the Micro-SD card back into the camera. Power cycle the camera and wait about 30 seconds for the video file to be restored."
Today I flew out 3 miles in the middle of the desert. Unfortunately, on the way back an error came on my screen that I was unable to remove so the camera view was blocked but I could still see the distance. Using the distance I knew I was heading in the correct direction but not able to see the Mavic or hear its location before the battery got too low and landed. Fortunately my GPS tracker (Tagg Pet Tracker) helped me locate it as well as the flight record. Both pin pointed the location with 100% accuracy. However, the second video file didn't close properly and was corrupt. I copied the files and returned the SD card into the Mavic, powered up, took a few videos and then checked the contents again. I was happy to see the file was repaired.
So, before you trash your corrupt file, make a copy and put SD card back into the Mavic, power it up, take a few videos and photos and then check the contents again with either DJI Go or put the card into your computer. Hope it works for you.
I can't read .MOV files on my iMac. I am using a Kingston 32GB Class 10 U1 card formatted on the Mavic. I am using Litchi to fly and record as DJI GO 4 crashes on my Samsung S7 Edge. A DJI CSR told me the "The R&D team is looking into S7 issues" four months ago. I start and stop recording with the Mavic connected. I wait several minutes before powering off to exchange the battery. Every indication is the files are recording, but when I insert the SD card in my computer they can't be opened or viewed. Frustrating to say the least! Anyway, the files show Finder, but no thumbnail. JPG will not open as well. I've tried Preview, VLC, Quicktime and several other AV viewers. Could the card be too slow? Do I need a U3 40mb/s or faster SD card?

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