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error message

  1. T

    Error messages with the DJI Air 3

    Hi, I keep getting these error massages when flying the DJI Air 3 with the DJI RC2 controller. "Image transmission signal may be blocked. Position remote controller to face aircraft and adjust antennas for optimal signal strength of fly at higher altitude" and "Remote control signal may be...
  2. D

    *CRASH* & No Video after several repairs!

    Not having the best luck with fixing my mavic pro after a palm tree island crash earlier this year. I've been reading all the forums and following all the threads and watching all the videos and unfortunately I've hit the "wall". I dunno where to go from here and would appreciate your input! I...
  3. P

    Vague ERROR Message

    Hey guys, So I recently crashed my Mavic Pro. Not a bad crash at all, it just got caught in some branches on a bush at about 2 feet high. All it really messed up that I'm aware of is the props which I have replaced since then. The problem I am having since today is when I go to take off I get...
  4. Fredrik

    What went wrong, please share your experiences

    Hello Mavic friends! I need your help to understand. Last night I would fly from a place I flew several times earlier without problems. I had new calibrated IMU and compass and updated homepoint. After take off, I hovered 30-40 seconds above the starting point. The Mavic then felt a little...
  5. Hex

    Mavic Pro battery, connection, and control iss

    The past few days I've been having issues with my Magic, after reading some other threads I seen some of my issues. 1. I keep getting battery error messages. (perhaps because of punching the throttle to hard so says some other threads, but I want to address it because I don't want it to drop...
  6. M

    Unable to read some files from SD Card

    Hi All, Happy New Year to you all, Really hope someone can help. I have noticed that I have a number of files on the sd card which I am unable to view when plugged in to my IMac. The SD card is taken from the Mavic, placed in an adapter that it came with and plugged into my Imac. The files are...
  7. S

    Engine error message

    Hey guys. I had a dead piece of grass on one of my props the other day. It happened while landing. No crashes or anything, just put it down in longer grass. I now get an error message while trying to take off (engine or prop error). I also noticed that three of the props turn quickly when...
  8. mattyd58

    Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge; System UI error message

    Hi, Received my replacement Mavic. This one works - with my Nexus 9 - too large a device. Is anyone using Samsung Galaxy 7 phone (not Note)? Go app will not work for me on Mavic, P4 or P3 Pro. All I get is error message "System UI" (see attached photo)? No video feed or telemetry, controller and...