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  1. P

    How to make DJI Fly save photos into my android photo app

    Hi, I have a DJI mini 2. As of a couple of updates a go to DJI Fly, DJI Fly no longer saves photos to my inbuilt Android photos app while flying the drone. Rather now I have to go into DJI Fly after the flight and manually transfer the photos over. Is there any way I can get the photos to...
  2. hunterws

    Mavic Mini & cached maps.

    I had a Mavic Pro that ran Go4, and if I was going to an area without internet, I'd cache the map area before I left. Sold off the Pro and got the chance to get a mini, so did. No map caching I can see, no videos on it either. I plan on using a wi-fi only tablet with it, as well, my cell phone...
  3. tomswell

    SD full > without SD adapter!

    I'm in Italy without access to SD adapter! can I pull data straight off Mavic .I have Mac PC and cable. Internet accès not good.
  4. D

    Difference between Mavic video and Phone video

    Hi guys, Just got my Mavic Pro today.. loving it so far! Just a question though, when I take video, it seems to save a copy on my phone. I believe that is a cached copy, but it is the same quality as the video saved on the Mavic SD card? I have tried connecting my Mavic to my iMac and no luck...
  5. A

    looking for sample .dng (raw) files to download

    Hi before I buy a air I would like to look at the still images quality. can any one help by uploading some to drop box, or wetransfer or any other service and send me a link to them? I want to see what the look like once edited and how big they will print out . thanks Alistair
  6. mfc

    Transfer pix from Mavic aircraft using USB cable

    Hi, I'm working through pre-flight setup on Mavic Pro -- so far, everything works well (I was able to connect mobile phone to RC, have the RC talk to the aircraft and take pictures, etc.). I have sucessfully individually updated both the RC and aircraft firmware to V01.03.0600 from PC...
  7. Davidss

    DJI Tutorial Videos; Can they be downloaded?

    I want to load the DJI Tutorial videos onto the Android Tablet that will be going out and about when flying. I don't expect to have internet access when out and about, so links to the DJI site, or threads on here, won't work. There are currently 14 videos on the DJI site. Is it possible to...
  8. M

    Unable to read some files from SD Card

    Hi All, Happy New Year to you all, Really hope someone can help. I have noticed that I have a number of files on the sd card which I am unable to view when plugged in to my IMac. The SD card is taken from the Mavic, placed in an adapter that it came with and plugged into my Imac. The files are...