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  1. T

    "Before You Fly" problem.

    I have the Air 3 with the RC 2 and I've updated to the latest firmware. When I tap on "Before You Fly" it comes up with this bar as shown in the image below. Is anyone else getting this? Thanks.
  2. D

    Issues with Mini 2

    Hi there, today I have just begun experiencing a multitude of issues with my Mini 2 drone. I bought the drone refurbished and have had the drone for about two years. I haven't experienced issues until this point. During a flight today, at around 350m up I encountered an error telling me that...
  3. B

    Mavic 3 Waypoint Mission - Failing to upload waypoints

    I am having an issue with the Mavic 3 and the waypoints missions. I pre set the waypoints on my Ipad. Adjusted elevation and speed and camera gimble angle on the waypoints. Put in a fresh battery. Fired up the Mavic 3. Then when I go to upload the waypoints it takes about 2 minutes and I get an...
  4. S

    Remote I'd won't let me fly

    So I just updated my Mavic 3 to the latest update and not it says I can't fly without connecting to a network and allowing it to access mobile location. Problem is I live in a dead zone and the tablet I use has no gps function of any kind. And it says can't take off untill I allow mobile...
  5. U

    DJI Air 2S Crash IMU Initialisation Failed Code 30084, 30056, 30055

    Hi, DJI community. I am a happy owner of DJI Ar 2s. The AC experienced a crash a few weeks back. The left leg was broken, which I successfully replaced. After I put the Aircraft back together, I started getting Navigation System Error 30105. Gimbal calibration error 40011. (Gimbal calibrates...
  6. Yaros

    Charging Hub Red Light when plugging in battery

    Yesterday this happened to me: I plugged in 2 batteries for charging, I come back later to check, one of them is completely charged, but the status LED on the Charging Hub is a dark Red color, and the other battery is not charging. I unplugged both batteries, restarted the charger, plugged the...
  7. J

    IMU not working even if i calibrated

    so today when i started my drone it said ERROR IMU so i calibrated it succesfully but still said after the message ERROR IMU came again so i just tried to fly it and yes the height and distance were all of point.......... any way that i might have made the calibration wrong or i damaged sensors...
  8. D

    I can’t live stream anymore to Facebook

    Hey guys please help.. I use to be able to stream to Facebook no issues but for some reason there is a error always popping up when I try to now. Here’s a pic of the error that pops up… I’m using the mavic pro via iPhone 11 and dji 4.0 All apps are updated but I’m still getting this error. Any...
  9. Yaros

    Yaw smoothness not adjustable in Normal Mode - Mavic Air 2

    Hello, I have been using the DJI Mavic Air 2 for 4 months now with no issues running DJI Fly 1.4.4 and the yaw smoothness set to around 8, all working well. Yesterday I updated the DJI Fly app to 1.5.1 and the drone's firmware to the newest one (as well as flysafe database...) and after that...
  10. T

    Endless compass calibration

    Hi Everyone. I'm having an issue with my Mavic 2 Pro. When trying to calibrate the compass, the app reverts back to the first instruction after "completing" the two spins. The dialogue box states that calibration is complete, but then asks for the process to be started over again. When I cancel...
  11. R

    Mini 2 Gimbal calibration error 40011

    I there looking for some advice or to see if anyone else has had any luck fixing this issue. I just bought a mini 2 only 4 days old! When I did the recent firmware and battery updates I get a gimbal calibration error code that stays on. It seems to be re calibrating correctly though? I've also...
  12. C

    Mavic not working after not being used.

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some advice. I bought my Mavic air about 18 months ago. It got used a few times the first six months but then we had a baby and It got packed away as the time wasn't really there. It had no crashes and was packed away safely. I took it out today and as...
  13. T

    No Image While Calibrating Downward Vision Sensor

    Hello everyone, First of all, I'm new here, so thank you for having me and please forgive me if I post in the wrong forum. :) Second of all, I just received my brand new Mavic Air 2 yesterday. Needless to say I was very excited. I went through all the firmware updates, compass and IMU...
  14. J

    Video on screen inconsistent with drone location.

    Less than a mile away and while returning to my Home Point at a 2,800 ft away I started to experience Occusync breakup. The video on screen was stalling and delayed. It was well behind the drones actual location. Fortunately, I was pointed in the direction of Home Point already, when I check...
  15. RPSM

    Mavic Air 2 - Battery Error 110024

    Hi - this week two of my batteries for my Mavic Air 2 started acting weird. First, when inserted into the drone, it immediately powered on without having to turn the battery on. Turning it off and on had no effect. When attempting to fly it (keeping it at the lowest possible altitude, to test...
  16. P

    Mavic mini - error 30105

    Hi group, I got a mavic mini that has a navigation system error and the code it displays is the 30105. I wanted to know if anyone knows what could be the cause? I tried looking for this error but there's no information
  17. I

    Critically Low Voltage Error - Forced Landing

    Hi there This is my first post so please excuse if i dont follow the norms. I have a Mavic Pro. I put it in the air over the weekend and for the first time had a Critically Low Power/Voltage error displayed and it automatically started to land my drone. The following morning i put the drone up...
  18. D

    Power System Hardware Error - 30210 - With LOG FILE!

    Hey everyone! I'm Dillon, new drone pilot and new here. I did some browsing and found some good info, so I decided to make an account and post my issue here. As the title states... List of events... Test flight - good. Landing - battery was low and drone decided to fly home to land, as it got...
  19. A

    Updated drone now has a solid red critical error light

    I bought a new Mavic mini and before attempting to fly it, I updated all the firmware to the latest one and I have the latest version of the app, everything looked good except it had a solid red light on the drone and wouldn’t start the propellers however the message says fly with caution, which...
  20. D

    Forced landings (battery warning) at 51% battery

    Hi all! New to Mavic Mini ownership, and had a concern today while flying around a farm. I have had no previous issues flying my mini, and will attach a typical flight log below - this is from the first flight I took today from 100% battery...