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  1. P

    Mavic mini - error 30105

    Hi group, I got a mavic mini that has a navigation system error and the code it displays is the 30105. I wanted to know if anyone knows what could be the cause? I tried looking for this error but there's no information
  2. I

    Critically Low Voltage Error - Forced Landing

    Hi there This is my first post so please excuse if i dont follow the norms. I have a Mavic Pro. I put it in the air over the weekend and for the first time had a Critically Low Power/Voltage error displayed and it automatically started to land my drone. The following morning i put the drone up...
  3. D

    Power System Hardware Error - 30210 - With LOG FILE!

    Hey everyone! I'm Dillon, new drone pilot and new here. I did some browsing and found some good info, so I decided to make an account and post my issue here. As the title states... List of events... Test flight - good. Landing - battery was low and drone decided to fly home to land, as it got...
  4. A

    Updated drone now has a solid red critical error light

    I bought a new Mavic mini and before attempting to fly it, I updated all the firmware to the latest one and I have the latest version of the app, everything looked good except it had a solid red light on the drone and wouldn’t start the propellers however the message says fly with caution, which...
  5. D

    Forced landings (battery warning) at 51% battery

    Hi all! New to Mavic Mini ownership, and had a concern today while flying around a farm. I have had no previous issues flying my mini, and will attach a typical flight log below - this is from the first flight I took today from 100% battery...
  6. M

    Autolanding mode on its own?

    Hi I recently had an issue where I was flying mi mavic mini above the sea and it suddenly went into auto landing mode, but I didn't even move the throttle down, here is my flight log can anyone explain this?
  7. J

    Help needed calibration.

    So I've bought a second hand mavic air. Says to update on dji go 4 app but cant complete. Gyro is red so poor Cant calibrate shows errors please see attached errors. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Justyn
  8. F

    Mavic Pro - Specific Drone causes crashes in premiere

    Hoping someone here can help me with an issue that has been plaguing my workplace. We have a few mavic pros that my work uses for shooting real estate, and they all work fine when bringing footage in to premiere except for one Pro. One clip from this drone on every shoot causes premiere to...
  9. Z

    Unable to import Mavic 2 Pro file into Vegas Pro 13

    Getting an error when importing to Vegas Pro 13. Nothing wrong with the file it plays fine in VLC and imports into Final Cut Pro on my mac. "Warning: An error occurred while opening one or more files. The file is most likely corrupted or of an unknown format" After googling I found an article...
  10. M


    Hey fellas, I had a minor crash a few weeks ago and hadn’t noticed any real damage to my Mavic pro. The only thing I noticed is sometimes at a low altitude the drone starts to drop in altitude for instance, I had it at about 8 feet just observing and notice on my controller it went 7.8, 7.5...
  11. P

    Remote Controller Shutdown Error

    The remote controller for my Mavic Pro has become erratic, likely after too much bouncing during off-road driving. It now takes ~5 minutes to shutdown every time. I'll shut it down normally and the LED screen will continue to say Shutdown for 5 mintues, during which time the controller doesn't...
  12. calmar81

    Backup IMU Warning – Can that happen once?

    On my last flight yesterday (the drone was maybe 20m above me when that happened) I had a short disconnect, which unfortunately is not displayed on the flight recordings in the DJI Go 4 app when the flight is being played back. But what I do see is a few warnings that I'm not sure about because...
  13. I

    Mavic Pro connectivity problem

    My mavic was working fine until i tried to update the firmware using DJI Assistant 2 (current firmware: 01.03.0900 to 01.04.0100) but it fail during the transmission, now the drone doesn't connect to the RC nor the PC using DJI Assistant, i tried to bind the RC but doesn't recognize the drone...
  14. Skyler King III

    May I impose on a Mavic 2 Pro "expert" ? Even DJI didn't know "wassup" with this

    I was recently flying my M2P in Tripod mode, VERY SLOWLY going backwards about 1 foot off ground/water/weeds. two of the props touched some raspberry shoots (thing and very strong) I then hear "landing". Since itr was about 1 foot over weeds, it all happened very quickly. I went over to the...
  15. S

    Gimble wobbling a lot

    Problem? Gimble Wobbling a lot - before and after take flight Was unit in a crash? No What have you tried so far? See if there is any problem in the gimbal itself, the fitting, and it seems ok, and i calibrated the gimbal on app What device are you using? iPhone 6 What firmware are you...
  16. N

    gimbal motor overload

    Hi everyone, I had a minor crash with my mavic pro two weeks ago. I was getting the errors: 1.Gimbal motor overloaded. Check weather gimbal clamp is removed. 2. Gimbal is restarting. Check that gimbal rotates smoothly if restart fails again. Everything looked fine until I saw one of the LVDS...
  17. D

    Airplane disconnected my rc signal??

    Hi guys, i was flying at an attraction site where there was a small airport just about 30 kms away. Above me every 5 mins there would be a small plane that flys by. Plane is about id say 900-1000 meters above. I was flying at around 50meters high. My dji app went black screen and i was still...
  18. G

    CASA 'can I fly there' App malfunctioning

    Is anyone else experiencing a problem with the CASA App in Australia? I am consistently getting 'OK to fly here' results from areas that are obviously restricted ( example: icon placed directly over Gladstone airport on map, says OK to fly here). I contacted CASA and they said to reload the...
  19. Gustavo Aguiar

    Help on Downlink data connection lost for 60 seconds

    Hi everyone, I own Mavic Pro for a while and for the first time I experienced Downlink data connection lost message. The Mavic lost connection with the RC and returned to home for three times. I was flying in a very wide area in a green field, surrounded by a rock and hills, but I didn't flew...
  20. A

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Problems

    Problem? Mavic Pro gimbal spazzes out upon startup Was unit in a crash? Yes, 1 month ago, but flew fine for a month What have you tried so far? calibration, factory reset, replaced gimbal with this part (Sign in or Register | eBay) What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)...