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  1. S

    Gimble wobbling a lot

    Problem? Gimble Wobbling a lot - before and after take flight Was unit in a crash? No What have you tried so far? See if there is any problem in the gimbal itself, the fitting, and it seems ok, and i calibrated the gimbal on app What device are you using? iPhone 6 What firmware are you...
  2. N

    gimbal motor overload

    Hi everyone, I had a minor crash with my mavic pro two weeks ago. I was getting the errors: 1.Gimbal motor overloaded. Check weather gimbal clamp is removed. 2. Gimbal is restarting. Check that gimbal rotates smoothly if restart fails again. Everything looked fine until I saw one of the LVDS...
  3. D

    Airplane disconnected my rc signal??

    Hi guys, i was flying at an attraction site where there was a small airport just about 30 kms away. Above me every 5 mins there would be a small plane that flys by. Plane is about id say 900-1000 meters above. I was flying at around 50meters high. My dji app went black screen and i was still...
  4. G

    CASA 'can I fly there' App malfunctioning

    Is anyone else experiencing a problem with the CASA App in Australia? I am consistently getting 'OK to fly here' results from areas that are obviously restricted ( example: icon placed directly over Gladstone airport on map, says OK to fly here). I contacted CASA and they said to reload the...
  5. Gustavo Aguiar

    Help on Downlink data connection lost for 60 seconds

    Hi everyone, I own Mavic Pro for a while and for the first time I experienced Downlink data connection lost message. The Mavic lost connection with the RC and returned to home for three times. I was flying in a very wide area in a green field, surrounded by a rock and hills, but I didn't flew...
  6. A

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Problems

    Problem? Mavic Pro gimbal spazzes out upon startup Was unit in a crash? Yes, 1 month ago, but flew fine for a month What have you tried so far? calibration, factory reset, replaced gimbal with this part (Sign in or Register | eBay) What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)...
  7. D

    PLEASE HELP w/ half black screen? Nexus 7-2013 w/ Mavic pro

    I have tried everything and spent 4+ hours on this, please help. The phone I was running wasn't on the official device list and was a little glitchy, so I bought a Nexus 7-2013, which is on the list. It is glitch/artifacts/or something bad. I have tried the last 3 firmware versions, multiple SD...
  8. I

    Errors - compass, gps, IMU

    Hello, i got my Mavic pro almost half a year! But last flights i always get some errors. I'm running latest update, i did compass calibration, IMU calibration! Did not have any crash before! I'm flying in open area 200-500m from me with good signal, good satellite no metal interference and...
  9. O

    Red green function

    Hello! I have a problem with my Mavic Air. After flying it for a while battery went low so I decided to land it and download the pics to my phone. Meanwhile the battery died and after a while each rotor started to rotate individually for a bit, but fast enough to make the drone jump around. I...
  10. L

    Mavic pro no status and not communicating

    Hello, My Mavic Pro is not working, The Mavic status light does not light up any colour on startup and i cannot connect5 my controller. I have Tried rebinding the controller but the drone does not seem to go into pairing mode or do anything. (Note the dose move the gimble and propellors on...
  11. Marian

    MPP Disconnect and Downlink Restored Error?

    Hi all, Long time lurker first time poster. I am coming from a Phantom 2 and recently (beginning February) purchased a Mavic Pro Platinum. I am very happy so far and everything went well. However, during a small flight yesterday (2018.03.04) which was no longer than 7 minutes my AC seemed to...
  12. D

    Gimbal Drift AND Panorama Failures (Android/Google Pixel 2)

    Hey fam, looking for some help. I have done the IMU, Compass, and Gimbal calibrations in different orders a multitude of times indoors and out and I still have massive gimbal horizon drift. It's off by 5+ deg to either side throughout flight. Horizon tilts when I have any yaw input, or it just...
  13. JustViewerFun

    Can I fix my battery error without upgrading to the latest firmware?

    I'm on Firmware 1.04.0000 - been there for a while, and I don't want to go up. I've been flying with all my batteries on this version for a while now. The other day, I was getting ready to fly where there was no cell service and no internet connection whatsoever. After powering up the RC and...
  14. S

    Lost Connection

    Hi all... just a new mavic platinum user and yesterday i was trying take a shoot with my MPP and suddenly i lost control with MPP as the phone disconnected from MPP after the notification of interference. At that point, the battery still on 58% but i couldn't see my MPP as this flown over the...
  15. G

    Need Log Files - I'm writing a Maintenance and Flight tracker

    Hi all I hope it's ok to post here. I've just bought a Mavic Pro Platinum myself and I waiting for it to arrive. I hope it is ok for me to post the following, I don't want to break any rules, I just need some help. So, the reason for this post is that I'm building a web based system, which...
  16. K


    el dia de ayer compre un mavic, lo actualice a la ultima firmware, al momento de probarlo en una casa el fpv se caía, lo volví a actualizar y esta vez funciono bien y en exterior re bien, gaste 2 cargas, lo deje enfriar y lo empaque, en la tarde lo saque para volar otro rato y el gimbal tenia...
  17. O

    Two middle lights of battery won’t turn off

    I tried to update my Mavic from 01.04.0000 to the latest version (of 28th Nov.) and the the update did not complete by some reason. To DJI GO4 app asked to try again, and so I did, over and over again. The percentage of the update did never passed 9%. Then the two middle lights of the...
  18. P

    Vague ERROR Message

    Hey guys, So I recently crashed my Mavic Pro. Not a bad crash at all, it just got caught in some branches on a bush at about 2 feet high. All it really messed up that I'm aware of is the props which I have replaced since then. The problem I am having since today is when I go to take off I get...
  19. J

    Air encoder error with Litchi

    So the problem with my iPhone 7+ and the air encoder error has been fixed with the secret update. Now I still have the error warning with Litchi. I am able to fly with Litchi by ignoring the warning. Curious if anybody else is having the same problem?
  20. SkyIScrape

    Reporting FAA map errors

    One out of five airports on here don’t exist. One “airstrip” is a tri-county region’s garbage dump. Has been for 17 years. It’d be nice to have accurate data.