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sd card error

  1. Rabel2395

    Play bottom sd card error

    I have dji go 4 and mavic platinum I want to stich my photos pano mode but here start the drama When i go to the play bottom after shooting pano mode just see black screen and a Message try again conection lost I try all Different device redowland app filewires change sd card and all works but...
  2. C

    Camera failure from SD card ?

    I was recently flying my Mavic Pro on a day with high humidity. It worked fine one day, then the next, the camera couldn't be controlled, couldn't focus, and would go black every 3 seconds or so. I tested on 2 different phones including an iPhone, and no change. A few days later, I tried a new...
  3. R

    Mavic SD card error. Help.

    hi all. Has anyone had issues with "SD Card Error" when filming Video in any intelligent mode or sometimes when switching from photo to video? SD goes to N/A and you can't use the Camera anymore until you reboot. Drone shop said it should go back, but I just got my P4 back after 2 mos of DJI...
  4. Max96

    Mavic pro SD ERROR

    Hello to everyone, i have a problem with my mavic pro. When I register in 4k after a few minutes, is I written SD card error? I use a SanDisk Ultra Imaging MicroSDHC. What's the problem? At first I did not have this problem.
  5. TrayBoz

    Insufficient DJI Storage Message

    I've had this happen the past few times I've flown my mavic, so it has only happened on firmware v.0600, but I don't know for certain if it's related to the firmware update - could be coincidence? When I start to record video, I get a message box, in green, that pops up that says: Insufficient...
  6. PilotMan7700

    SD Card Recovery

    Well, not sure how it happened but my card got corrupted somehow. Does anybody know of a good totally FREE piece of software that can be used to recover files on a card that has lost it's format. So I got done with my first 4K shoot. It took just shy of 2 batteries to fill a 64GB card, not sure...