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search and rescue

  1. blackomega

    2 Zoom Search and Rescue Training Trip to a Grizzly Bear Sanctuary

    A little different video for you all. As a member of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue. or RCM-SAR for short. We regularly take our rescue boat out on training missions. This time I took my Osmo Action and Mavic 2 Zoom along while we went to visit the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear...
  2. Chuckinay

    Drone-maker new to Seattle aims to protect people here and in Ukraine

    From The Seattle Times: Blake Resnick was a 17-year-old growing up in Las Vegas when a gunman firing from a Strip hotel window killed 60 people at an outdoor concert. In that October 2017 tragedy, Resnick, an engineering prodigy, recognized an opportunity. He imagined advanced drones buzzing...
  3. C

    M2EA Viewing IR strobes

    Hello all! I am trying to find any information. Can the M2EA see IR strobes (attached to personnel), either with an IR cut on the visible camera, or through the thermal camera?
  4. OmniDrone Aerial

    So I started a Drone Service: OmniDrone Aerial Video & Photography

    What's up guys! My name is Austin and I'm the owner of OmniDrone Aerial located in Wisconsin. My aim is to be the gold standard for aerial video and aerial photography in all of western Wisconsin and the greater Twin Cities area (Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN). I just wanted to drop in and say...
  5. AerialViewSolutions

    Search and Rescue Operations

    Has anyone here every volunteered or been hired to conduct any work for a local law enforcement or rescue team to do search and rescue work? I understand that this is slightly out of scope for the Mavic, since this normally required infared capabilities, but a lot of individuals have their high...