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search and rescue

  1. Theta

    OpenAthena™ for Android Beta release, new AutoDEM feature

    Greetings, We recently released a new update of our free and open source OpenAthena™ for Android app which contains some significant new features. The app introduces a novel terrain-raycast technique which allows you to instantly obtain a precise ground location for any single pixel of any...
  2. Theta

    OpenAthena™ for iOS v2.5 release: Instant geolocation from any drone image

    Hi y'all, We just released update v2.5 of our OpenAthena app for iPhones and iPads. This update simplifies and expedites drone use for critical tasks such as Search and Rescue, precision agriculture, law enforcement, and land management. Unlike other methods that require many photos and lots...
  3. Theta

    OpenAthena (optical terrain-raycast app for drone images) updated with support for Mini 4 Pro

    Hi, It's a great weekend to get out and fly, so accordingly we've released some more free updates for you all for OpenAthena. The app allows you to locate anything within any single drone image, turning what's usually a complex mapping task into a simple, quick action: Our latest update for...
  4. Theta

    Commercial Drone Feedback Thread

    Greetings, We are Theta Informatics LLC, creators of the OpenAthena software platform for iOS and Android. This free and open source software allows common drones to spot precise ground locations from any point within their images. This opens up entire new use cases for drones in search and...
  5. Theta

    OpenAthena™ for iOS v2.0 release: Geo-locate any point in your drone images

    Hi! We are Theta Informatics LLC, creators of the free and open source OpenAthena software platform for iOS and Android. We're excited to announce the launch of OpenAthena™ for iOS v2.0. This app introduces exciting new capabilities to your drone, greatly enhancing its mission capabilities...
  6. blackomega

    2 Zoom Search and Rescue Training Trip to a Grizzly Bear Sanctuary

    A little different video for you all. As a member of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue. or RCM-SAR for short. We regularly take our rescue boat out on training missions. This time I took my Osmo Action and Mavic 2 Zoom along while we went to visit the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear...
  7. C

    M2EA Viewing IR strobes

    Hello all! I am trying to find any information. Can the M2EA see IR strobes (attached to personnel), either with an IR cut on the visible camera, or through the thermal camera?
  8. OmniDrone Aerial

    So I started a Drone Service: OmniDrone Aerial Video & Photography

    What's up guys! My name is Austin and I'm the owner of OmniDrone Aerial located in Wisconsin. My aim is to be the gold standard for aerial video and aerial photography in all of western Wisconsin and the greater Twin Cities area (Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN). I just wanted to drop in and say...
  9. AerialViewSolutions

    Search and Rescue Operations

    Has anyone here every volunteered or been hired to conduct any work for a local law enforcement or rescue team to do search and rescue work? I understand that this is slightly out of scope for the Mavic, since this normally required infared capabilities, but a lot of individuals have their high...