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  1. J

    Gimbal Shake

    Hi All, This is a relatively new Mini 3 Pro and it seems to be having gimbal issues. Doesn't always happen but I caught a video of it today after running the calibration twice on it... Any suggestions? I am using the Freewell clear lens on it for protection. Any suggestions on further...
  2. M

    Mavic Mini gimbal shake

    Hi, on my new Mavic Mini the camera something like an high frequency shake when the tilt of gimball is set around 10°-12°, other angle are perfect also in fast moving footage. Changed all blades (ESC error on one rear arm after a couple of hours), shake reduce but persist. Between the critical...
  3. R

    Video Twitching / Pulsing Every few seconds (check the video)

    You can see it here Mavic Pro Series 1. Latest firmware My footage has some micro micro twitches (similar to when a camera is getting focus). The twitches literally last for 3 frames. This only happens while the drone is flying, as soon as it lands / if i film hand held there are no...
  4. W

    Camera/Gimbal Shakes

    Has anyone experienced these horizontal vibrations/blurring like on my attached video? I have noticed that my Mavic's camera or gimbal sometimes produces these horizontal vibrations/shakes. Flown 4 hours so far and it happened 6x times. It usually lasts for 1-2 seconds. Calibrated the gimbal...
  5. C

    IMU Calibration Camera Shake.

    When doing a IMU calibration DJI states that you don't want any vabration, but when I am doing one and I am at the stage of pointing the camera to the sky the camera knocks around and causes the Mavic to virate very badly. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to put the Mavic in a different...
  6. N

    Shakey camera in sport mode - normal or something I can fix?

    Hi all Sorry for my various posts looking for help.. I think I've 'almost' got everything to do with my Mavic figured out, but there's a couple more things I want to sort out. The first is this: When I fly full out in sports mode, there's a bump that occurs during filming. Well, there's a...
  7. T

    Gimbal shakes violently on start-up

    I have had my Mavic for about a week now and Im not sure if I missed something in the setup, but when I turn it on the camera gimbal spins around all crazy and shakes quite violently for about 3-5 seconds before it settles down. Anyone else have this happening??