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shoulder bag

  1. T

    Looking for a bigger Bag for my Mavic Air 2

    Hi :) I'm currently looking to buy an iPad Pro 6th gen to use as screen for my drone and other things and now I'm facing the problem of not having enough space in the standard Bag. One of my colleagues brought his Tablet to work and I brought my drone as a test. We immediately saw that it's not...
  2. M

    Mavic 3 bag

    If you buy a standard or basic Mavic 3, what about a bag or a case? How do you carry the thing around? The standard Mavic 3 doesn't come with any case. And no one has one ready to ship. Not even DJI! They're all on pre-order. Bummer! There are a couple of people selling the DJI Mavic 3...
  3. ThugMuffin1990

    DJI Mini 2 Shoulder Bag: What do YOU put in yours?

    Hello All, I was just wondering who all has the DJI Mini 2 shoulder bag and what you put it to use with. Not the mini bag or mini bag+ but the shoulder bag that looks like the MA2 bag and has a little dividing wall in the main section and then like 3 hidden pockets. Pics for Reference. I keep...
  4. 51 Drones

    Quick opinion on MP case preference?

    I'm just curious as to everyone's primary choice for carrying your MP? Do you like a hard case, soft case, hybrid, or what? I really like a hard shell case because I love the durability and security, but it I have found that most people prefer a soft-sided shoulder bag type. Am I weird?