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  1. L

    Pro Skiing in Val Thorens in The 3 Valleys France

    I had this footage in my to edit stack for almost 2 years, since going skiing is not going to happen any time soon i thought i could at least get this video done while waiting for better times were we can enjoy the French Alps once more. Music is by a young artist i know Alex Moster, check him...
  2. blackomega

    Mini Shames Mountain Ski Hill and people having a good time on the slopes

    Had a blast filming all the happy skiers at Shames Mountain yesterday Please consider subscribing if you like what you see
  3. MikeC

    Abandoned Mine Skiing in Alaska

    Filmed with my Mavic 2 Pro
  4. MikeC

    Alaskan Hyperlapse

    Filmed today with my Mavic 2 Pro
  5. Jim D

    Skiing Vesper Pk.

    M2P, Sony RX100 V
  6. Jim D

    Cascades BC Skiing

    Frame grabs from video I shot of myself skiing a steep gully in the Cascades yesterday. I'm the little figure to right of shadow line in center of the gully. Watch out for cliffs below roll overs!
  7. Jim D

    Cascades Back-country skiing

    BC Ski M2P Beautiful spring day in the central Cascades. Active track had trouble following me over contours. I built a custom foam box to put the controller in (without the control sticks) which I then put carefully in a large chest pocket of my jacket when skiing. I couldn't get the Vimeo...
  8. Jim D

    Back-country skiing frame grabs

    I took my M2P up Mt. Pilchuck yesterday. My partner Eric and I enjoyed having the mountain to ourselves, but the snow was a bit too mushy. Haven't edited the video yet, but didn't get any killer clips. Here are a few frame grabs - one thing I learned is to not use the ND filter (32) if I want to...
  9. D

    Drone Tribute

    Recently I lost my Mavic pro in the ocean due to high wind speeds. We have captured many great moments together and I have made a video to remember some of the best. I hope you enjoy!
  10. B

    Mavic Pro in Italian Alps capturing Rifugio Gabiet

    The Mavic Pro held very well in the cold weather (minus 10 celcius) and altitude 2450 meters above see levels.. Also took a few hangar360 pictures as well: Hangar 360 photos from around the world. See the video below, enjoy!
  11. B

    Mavic pro how to follow while skiing down

    Hi. I'm going skiing in a couple of weeks and of course I want to get some amazing footage of me and my friends while skiing downhill with my mavic pro. However, I'm noticing a problem with the active track mode and all the skiing videos with the mavic pro on youtube. The mavic doesnt decend in...
  12. R

    Autopilot Follow - Sports, Action

    Hi everybody i'm new to the forum, I have done 2 videos of me and friends skiing with the Mavic and Autopilot Follow. My setup was rc mode on the mavic and iPhone 6 plus connected through the secondary usb port. Both phone and rc strapped to my chest using the gopro chest mount. I have had...
  13. MikeC

    ND32 filter and activetrack while skiing