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  1. MikeC

    Abandoned Mine Skiing in Alaska

    Filmed with my Mavic 2 Pro
  2. MikeC

    Alaskan Hyperlapse

    Filmed today with my Mavic 2 Pro
  3. Jim D

    Skiing Vesper Pk.

    M2P, Sony RX100 V
  4. Jim D

    Cascades BC Skiing

    Frame grabs from video I shot of myself skiing a steep gully in the Cascades yesterday. I'm the little figure to right of shadow line in center of the gully. Watch out for cliffs below roll overs!
  5. Jim D

    Cascades Back-country skiing

    BC Ski M2P Beautiful spring day in the central Cascades. Active track had trouble following me over contours. I built a custom foam box to put the controller in (without the control sticks) which I then put carefully in a large chest pocket of my jacket when skiing. I couldn't get the Vimeo...
  6. Jim D

    Back-country skiing frame grabs

    I took my M2P up Mt. Pilchuck yesterday. My partner Eric and I enjoyed having the mountain to ourselves, but the snow was a bit too mushy. Haven't edited the video yet, but didn't get any killer clips. Here are a few frame grabs - one thing I learned is to not use the ND filter (32) if I want to...
  7. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Aerial Adventures at White Pass

    Towering clouds sail like the tall ships of a past age cross the crest of the Cascade Mountains. At White Pass, winter is still going strong, and so is the ski season. Here at the edge of the Goat Rocks mountains, the scenery is splendid indeed - from volcanoes, to canyons, to frozen alpine lakes.
  8. D

    Drone Tribute

    Recently I lost my Mavic pro in the ocean due to high wind speeds. We have captured many great moments together and I have made a video to remember some of the best. I hope you enjoy!
  9. B

    Mavic Pro in Italian Alps capturing Rifugio Gabiet

    The Mavic Pro held very well in the cold weather (minus 10 celcius) and altitude 2450 meters above see levels.. Also took a few hangar360 pictures as well: Hangar 360 photos from around the world. See the video below, enjoy!
  10. S

    Dirt Biking on a Volcano, Mountain Biking in New Zealand, Skiing in Japan - 2017 Drone/Gopro Reel

    This video documents my 2017 in 3 minutes (I know that’s a lot to ask for in the age of decreasing attention spans but it's well worth it I promise!). The year consisted of chasing winters in summer, chasing summers in winter, pursing my passions (obsessions) of bike riding, skiing and general...
  11. B

    Mavic pro how to follow while skiing down

    Hi. I'm going skiing in a couple of weeks and of course I want to get some amazing footage of me and my friends while skiing downhill with my mavic pro. However, I'm noticing a problem with the active track mode and all the skiing videos with the mavic pro on youtube. The mavic doesnt decend in...
  12. R

    Autopilot Follow - Sports, Action

    Hi everybody i'm new to the forum, I have done 2 videos of me and friends skiing with the Mavic and Autopilot Follow. My setup was rc mode on the mavic and iPhone 6 plus connected through the secondary usb port. Both phone and rc strapped to my chest using the gopro chest mount. I have had...
  13. MikeC

    ND32 filter and activetrack while skiing