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  1. B

    Mem card message: 'slow'?

    Hi all, how do I find the speed of this mem card that I am using? After a quick Google I found this: Video Speed Class V30 designation, meaning the card can sustain at least 30MB/s continuous video recording. It also has the UHS Speed Class U3 rating that also has the same minimum continuous...
  2. Marco Cantieni

    2 Pro Super slow shots in the forest |🔅HDR🔅

    4 years of flying high it was great fun to stay under 30 feet to create slow and calming shots in the forest.
  3. A

    Slow/unresponsive forward joystick after braking at low altitude

    Hello, I am perplexed by the issue I am experiencing below. Is anybody else having the same issue? I cannot find any reference to it online. Braking from full speed to a hover at low altitude, the drone is slow or unresponsive when I resume applying forward joystick. It seems the solution is...
  4. H

    MA only flies 6 mph, Including in sports mode

    Hi all. My MA has stopped flying above 6 mph whenever it has a GPS lock. In atti mode it is fine. I have calibrated compass, vision, IMU and controller, reinstalled firmware, factory reset, tried both iOS and Android, enabled intelligent flight modes, flown 15 miles away and it is not in...
  5. Mavicluvr

    I have a unique issue!

    My friend and I both have Mavic Pro's. He crashed and damaged his camera. I replaced the camera and gimbal. It works! So he calls me and tells me that his MP will not go over 4 mph. I tell him to turn off beginner mode. So, he gives me his MP to play with to see if I can figure it out. It will...
  6. M

    Mavic Goes Slow - Really Slow (Solved!)

    Another problem Solved. I’m not sure what started this but it may have been a firmware update. My mavic would only go 5-6mph in the horizontal plane. It would go up and down much faster. Horizontal movement was very sluggish as well. I tried updating firmware from app, resetting the gain and...
  7. K

    Problem slow videos

    Hi i have a problem when i´m importing the videos from micro sd to my laptop, every video looks like a slow motion video, they are too slow and i want them in normal speed, they looks fine in my cellphone as cache videos, what can i do to solve this problem. Sorry for my english, im from mexico