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software problem

  1. Theo111103

    Connection interrupt while updating Mavic Pro Platinum to 1.04.0500 : Cannot update

    Hello fellow pilots! Ran into an issue updating my Mavic Pro Platinum from 1.04.0300 to 1.04.0500: During flashing the battery gave up creating a sudden stop in flashing. This resulted in the Mavic not completely getting through it's initialisation and firmware start-up. The lights flash, the...
  2. G

    Problem with my 5.5 Crystalsky

    My Crystalsky was working great and then I did an upgrade. First, I know many will say that you should never upgrade software unless you have to, but I did anyway. I did the no-fly-zone update. Since then, even though I've logged in to my account it acts like I'm not, and restricts my flight...