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  1. T

    Best 360 panorama sphere software?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for 360 panorama sphere software for PC. I have a DJI Air 3 and I've used the Pano > Sphere option taking many images to stitch together. What do you guys recommend for stitching images together to create a 360 sphere? Thanks.
  2. A

    M3P - sphere with 3x (70 mm) in DNG?

    I'm planning to "upgrade" from Phantom 4 Pro to Mavic 3 Pro. I've done some flying with the M3P (a friend has one) and I am quite impressed. I will use it for photography, I will not shoot video. I shoot a lot of panorama, I like 360 panorama and little planets. For those of you that have...
  3. D

    Mini 2 why some photos auto transferring? On iPhone

    Recently got a mini 2, having a mini 1 before. I use an iPhone. I normally take out my SD and transfer the pics and videos to my Mac, which then sync so can also see on my iPhone (or vice versa). What I’m finding on mini 2 is some photos appear on my iPhone in the photos app, not all but...
  4. M

    No GPS when using Insta 360 sphere

    Anyone purchase a insta 360 sphere for their Mavic air 2 / 2s ? When I attach mine , after the drone has acquired satellites and its home point , the number of satellites drops to 8 , sometimes less and I get a warning message - No GPS Fly with caution. Where is the GPS receiver, the sphere is...
  5. Yaros

    Air 2 Clouds went LOW!

    A couple of days ago I went to fly to the beach, but when I got there I was surprised, it was very foggy in some parts of the beach, super strange. I took off and was very surprised how low some clouds were, they were at 50 meters (160 feet)! So I flew above them and took some photos and videos...
  6. Yaros

    Air 2 A town in the middle of Mallorca

    This is a Panorama I made of Manacor, Mallorca, the ugliest town of Mallorca, but from the air it doesn't look that bad! Take a look at this 360 pano!
  7. Yaros

    Air 2 [Sphere] Sa Coma Evening Beach
  8. Yaros

    Air 2 My Best Panoramas (Spheres) - Mavic Air 2 in Mallorca, Spain

    Here I share some of my favorite panoramas that I have taken with my Mavic Air 2 in Mallorca throughout the past summer and winter:
  9. fredyt123

    Air 2 Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA

    Just experimenting with my MA2, trying to nail the basics. Shot from parking lot "I" and took it to max height.
  10. I

    Looking for a "how-to" on spheric panorama

    I'm trying to create this but Photoshop's photomerge (auto or sphere) only pops out this kind of image. Anyone got a link for a how-to or tutorial or something? Thanks.
  11. Jeff's world.jpg

    Jeff's world.jpg

    sphere from mini 2 sphere app and then into photoshop
  12. A

    Anyone tried spherical 360 panoramas yet?

    Just got the M2P and only had 30 mins to play with it this morning. I did try a spherical panorama and fairly please with the result, but it's only a 2D jpg. The 360° metadata isn't embedded I don't guess b/c FB and Google Photos don't see it as a 360° image. Any recommendation on how to make...
  13. ShawnIde

    My first attempt at Sphere Mode

    Hey Guys... Here is my first attempt at Sphere mode on the DJI Mavic Pro. I am amazed at how fast it is. Have you tried this new mode?
  14. S

    Tiny plantet pictures

    Im interested in taking/making tiny planet pictures. Does the Mavic come with an option to do this? Ive read a bit about the Litchi app. Dont wanna pay for something ill use a few times. Are there any free options? Also, what software do you recommend to stich the puctures together? Any tips...
  15. C

    Creating a 360 Pano for work using Mavic

    Hello everyone. I am writing this post as I'm looking for advice about working with 360 degree panoramas. I know how to shoot them, either manually, or by using the Litchi app. My question is regarding what program can I use to stitch them together into a panoramic sphere, thus creating a 360...