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  1. E

    Aircraft will not start-up

    Hi all, I am having a real issue trying to get the aircraft to power up. Let me first start by saying, that I am fully aware of the correct start-up method and have successfully been flying the Mavic for a few weeks now. Unfortunately yesterday I went to use the Mavic Pro, and when pressing...
  2. regandunstan

    Double DJI Drone Startup Tone / Weird Startup Tone

    Hi guys, Has anyone found out what the double DJI drone startup tone / weird startup tone is? I have attached a link which encounters the exact same sound. It's like a pre-beep before the genuine DJI drone startup tone is emitted. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers...
  3. S

    Gimbal leveling + Startup sound in video. Is that normal ?

    Hi Folks, As the saying says, an image is worth a thousand words. The videos below may be worth a million! And the only question I have... Are those normal things ? Everything was done, IMU calibration, Compass, Gimbal, reset all settings,... Strange startup sound (listen at the end of the...