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  1. Johannvangruting

    Mavic mini won't boot

    I have a mavic mini that just won't fully power up. When I boot it first boots normally but then it blinks red, and the battery indicator LED's number one and four, burn and keep burning whilst the main LED flashes red. Oh and that's it, you can't power down. It reacts to nothing but battery...
  2. E

    Aircraft will not start-up

    Hi all, I am having a real issue trying to get the aircraft to power up. Let me first start by saying, that I am fully aware of the correct start-up method and have successfully been flying the Mavic for a few weeks now. Unfortunately yesterday I went to use the Mavic Pro, and when pressing...
  3. regandunstan

    Double DJI Drone Startup Tone / Weird Startup Tone

    Hi guys, Has anyone found out what the double DJI drone startup tone / weird startup tone is? I have attached a link which encounters the exact same sound. It's like a pre-beep before the genuine DJI drone startup tone is emitted. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers...
  4. S

    Gimbal leveling + Startup sound in video. Is that normal ?

    Hi Folks, As the saying says, an image is worth a thousand words. The videos below may be worth a million! And the only question I have... Are those normal things ? Everything was done, IMU calibration, Compass, Gimbal, reset all settings,... Strange startup sound (listen at the end of the...