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stick control

  1. eva2000

    Mini 2 Stick Control Tips

    Being new to Mini 2 been watching a lot of Youtube videos and came across this one on stick control and doing smooth cinematic drone orbits! Didn't know you could do it using full lock on stick control! Any other tips folks have?
  2. S

    Mavic Air False RC yaw signals, recalibration not helpful

    Flying my Air since I got it in March. I've noticed it rotates slightly up in the air when hovering without any of my input. Also when I'm just ascending/descending and going forward, aircraft yaws without me touching the yaw axis. This has ruined many shots. So I tried recalibrating the RC...
  3. J

    Stick control suggestions for "Fixed Wing Mode"

    "Fixed Wing Mode" is AWESOME when using DJI Goggles! OMG! But I have a few suggestion on the controlling stick scheme. I haven't been able to find a way to config it like this yet, maybe it is possible (please enlight me). I'd like the right stick to: - push forward: decrease altitude, hence...