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Stick control suggestions for "Fixed Wing Mode"


Dec 5, 2016
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"Fixed Wing Mode" is AWESOME when using DJI Goggles! OMG!

But I have a few suggestion on the controlling stick scheme. I haven't been able to find a way to config it like this yet, maybe it is possible (please enlight me).

I'd like the right stick to:
- push forward: decrease altitude, hence, nose dive
- push backward: increase altitude, hence, nose pull-up
- push left-ward: bank left
- push right-ward: bank right

This will mimic the "control stick" operation on flighter jets or other fixed wing aircrafts.

I'd also like to request a "speed control" feature (which is not available as of now), and the left stick to be used for it:
- push forward: increase speed
- push backward: decrease speed

This will mimic fixed wing aircrafts' "throttle control" handle.

The above change will make "fixed wing flight" mode so much more enjoyable!!!!
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