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dji goggles

  1. Wild Drone Pilot

    Pro Platinum Fly More Goggles Hard Case

    Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More DJI Goggles Hard Case $940.00 Like New
  2. K

    Mavic air 2 moving towards goggles compatibility???

    Hello everyone happy to be part of this exciting creative community and learned so much from all the valuable feedback ..It is my first post here so I would really appreciate any insight ..I have purchased a mavic air 2 with which I must say I am really impressed having the hope that it...
  3. M

    YES you CAN use FPV goggles with your Mini

    If you have a bit of a larger budget check out my second solution which I also bought cheap used on Kijiji A) DJI Goggles (YES they DO work with the Mini if you also buy the Wireless HDMI Adapter and mini charger) I got the goggles used for $300 Cdn B) HDMI Wireless adapter MPIO which works...
  4. Chaosrock

    One Should Always Read the Fine Print!

    I have a Mavic Mini, and in my excitement I decided to buy DJI Goggles to go with it. I looked on the product page and saw "Mavic Series", however I didn't read the fine print that says "except for the Mavic Mini". Oh well. I guess I have an expensive paperweight for the time being. Maybe I...
  5. M

    DJI Goggles 1080p HD Immersive FPV Drone Accessory (Racing Edition)

    Crashing my drone was really bad. And using these goggle was far worse. So bad there shipping back today. Latency major glitching when you get a little distance from you. So bad I had to lift goggles and look at iPad to see what was actually going on with the drone. Video switching back and...
  6. N


    I bought a new set of DJI GOGGLES RACING EDITION from my local retailer, i opened the box and they do not have a face cushion piece on the goggles!! I tried to return them and they told me to contact DJI. So i emailed DJI and i was told the part was out of stock and to check 3rd party retailers...
  7. A

    Cheap goggles

  8. A

    DJI goggles to purchase

    Anyone got some DJI goggles they want to sell? I’m in Australia QLD my budget is around $300
  9. G

    Brighter display - Android phone or DJI Goggles?

    I'm hanging out for a Mavic Pro 2. I'm going on an extended RV trip on 6 August and hope it will be available by then. If not, I will have to settle for a MP Platinum or a Mavic Air. I previously had a P3 Advanced until it was stolen from the back seat of my car. With that drone, I used an iPad...
  10. adramelech52

    Goggles playback image on full screen

    Video and panorama works in full screen mode. Is there any way to view photos in full screen?
  11. William Ball

    Panos, how to copy to goggles

    I cant remember how to save a 360 pano to my dji goggles. I took a 360 pano tonight with the MA and wanted to transfer it to my sd card in the goggles. I took the pano folder off the sd card from the air and copied it to the DJI sd card. When it tried to view it from the goggles, no file found...
  12. T

    DJI Corrective Lenses vs Focus Fixers for DJI Goggles/Racing Edition?

    Has anyone had both the DJI Corrective Lenses Buy DJI Goggles Corrective Lenses and the third party Focus Fixers focus-fixers to comapre for comfort with your DJI Goggles or DJI Goggles Racing Edition? I just got my DJI Corrective Lenses after waiting over a month to get them and the front...
  13. Leftyguy

    Viewing through DJI Goggles

    This is my first post so I hope I'm in the right area. I have my part 107 commercial certification and I do volunteer services for different organizations. I'm considering purchasing the DJI Goggles so my clients can see what I'm filming. Is there a way in the menu for them to see the screen...
  14. Mad Mavic

    Newbie from the great state of Tennesse

    Having a blast flying around the Tennessee hills with my Mavis Pro Platinum with DJI gogles. The best escape from reality ever. Just installed the Titan Atlas antenna mod... waiting for the rain to clear for a test flight. A tip from an expilot, f you aren't flying with the GJI goggles you...
  15. J

    Mavic Air with OcuSync Camera

    Anybody have the Racing Edition goggles and thinking of using the OcuSync Camera on their Mavic Air? If so, have you thought through any redundancies you'll face with the different but necessary communication protocols? Don't know, was just thinking about it and wondering if this would...
  16. D

    DJI Goggles Head Tracking Gimbal Not Working

    I have been flying the Mavic for over 9 months and it has been fantastic. After seeing the great reviews, I recently purchased the DJI Goggles. Unfortunately, I am not able to get the "Head Tracking Gimbal" function to work. The goggles connect to the Mavic as expected and all other functions...
  17. Mad_Angler1

    DJI Goggles Race Edition & Ocusync Air System Unbox & Look Over

    A few weeks ago DJI announced the Racing Edition of the DJI Goggles, this new version has a large number of upgrades over the standard model, Analog 5.8 Ghz FPV support, 5GHZ Ocusync with Ocusync DVR recording, a redesigned visor and headband with red leather and expanded playback support to...
  18. M

    Streaming video from one RC controller to two DJI Goggles

    I have two DJI Goggles and wanted to try using them with my Phantom 4 Pro. I updated the RC to include HDMI C output and used an HDMI C/A adapter to connect to the Goggles using the HDMI A/D cable provided . With a direct connection between the RC and the Goggles, I can see the output of the...
  19. Steve Reed

    Focus Problem - Another Option

    Here is yet another option for the problem of focusing the DJI Goggles that so many of us seem to be having. these are purchasable ready made no cobbling needed. focus-fixers
  20. eroomomni

    Monitoring radio & video signal strength DJI goggles screen?

    Does anyone know of a way to monitor the radio and video signal strength while using the DJI Goggles? I've flown FPV for years, using the iPhone, iPad and the Carl Zeiss Cinemizer glasses. I have a couple weeks of DJI Goggles use with my Mavic under my belt but find myself referring to the...