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  1. I

    Drone not responding to stick input

    Hello all, I have been flying a Mavic air since 2018, and in the past 2 flights I noticed 2 cases (one in each flight) where the drone did not respond to stick command to start from hover. In the last one, i pushed the forward stick 4 times and the drone didnt respond at all. When I pushed up...
  2. Yaros

    Mavic flies sloppy in Bypass mode, in Brake or Off it flies normally - bug or intentional feature?

    Hello, I have an issue with my mavic air 2 that when I use the Bypass obstacle mode it flies very sloppy, and it is very sensitive to control sticks! Also it sometimes randomly slows down and speeds up without warning when there are no obstacles, especially when flying diagonally. I noticed this...
  3. C

    Control Indoor Drone with Mac OS

    Hello, I would like to control an indoor drone with my Mac OS. (The end goal is to control a drone using my Hololens 2 and the OSC protocol.) But to get there I first need to stream and control a drone from a Mac. I was excited by the prospect of the Tello (programming through Scratch looked...
  4. A

    Mavic mini controller

    Hello there; Is there any possibility to connect mavic mini to a mavic pro controller ? Thanks
  5. C

    Mavic Air Controll Loss

    Problem? Maybe Was unit in a crash? Almost What have you tried so far? Google What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)? Samsung What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? Newest What Go app version are you using? Newest Any modification? NO Did you...
  6. Y

    Screen upside down und App updating

    Hi, I am a total newbee for drone flying. Just got my Mavic Pro platinum and tried starting simulator first. As I started the program, my mobile phone shows the screen upside down. I searched in the forum, people said that is not the problem with mobile "auto rotate" feature, some people got...
  7. M

    Controller works well with a different drone?

    Hi guys, I crashed my Mavic Pro and now I'm getting a second hand one. This time, I'll only buy the drone without the control or battery, as I have everything from the Fly More Combo. I wonder if the controller of my crashed drone will work well with the second hand drone? I haven't heard from...
  8. buttons276

    Titan Drones Control Antenna

    I’ve been wanting to get this antenna for a few weeks. I went back and forth with it. I looked around for peoples reviews. Some people seemed to love them. Some people said they were snake oil. Very few people answered the questions I had. I’m not a tech wiz but I know what I wanted to know when...
  9. S

    Losing 'Jedi' Control

    So, just thinking before I go out and try this. If I try the 'Gesture Mode' and can't control the Mavic Air, how can I gain control? Can I just grab the controller and gain control? I have also seen people doing the 'JEDI' trick without the controller. What do you do then? Thanks in advance.
  10. P

    What is DJI doing!

    A skit..... Hey DJI, do I have permission to fly my drone today? The one that you manufactured and evidently control from your R&D teams systems. I mean I'm just wondering if it's ok, since I am apparently just renting my drone from you, I didn't know my money was just a security deposit. See...
  11. J

    Stick control suggestions for "Fixed Wing Mode"

    "Fixed Wing Mode" is AWESOME when using DJI Goggles! OMG! But I have a few suggestion on the controlling stick scheme. I haven't been able to find a way to config it like this yet, maybe it is possible (please enlight me). I'd like the right stick to: - push forward: decrease altitude, hence...
  12. Wayleebird

    Litchi waypoints

    This may have been asked before, if it has sorry i did have a quick search and could not see anything. Using litchi way points on the phantom to regain control you just flick the switch to position F Using litchi waypoints on the Mavic whats the best way to regain control control? is it the...
  13. M


    After a small crash, maybe 3ft off the ground going maybe 2mph... I clipped a propeller and my mavic fell to the ground. A small scratch on the undercarriage, and one cracked prop later, everything seemed fine... until I tried to fly again. I have NO CONTROL over the Gimbal and it says motors...
  14. markyodo

    Testing image quality the right way?

    I received the Mavic on Sunday and I want to make sure I have a reliable product within my return / exchange period. Step 1 was the calibrations. I did them all. Step 2 was the flight test. I flew for about 90 min yesterday. I tested maneuvering, signal strength, flight modes, precision...
  15. Visionory

    DJI GO not supported as of February 2017?

    Got the same problem for my Mavic as below, anyone has any idea about the app? That the 3.0.1 works well with Google Map, but waas told to use DJI Go 4 for Mavic, however 4 isn't quite stable yet. Also some more comment here, and there's been a precentage of users that met the problem DJI GO...
  16. thefrisbee995

    Mavic Remote Battery Life?

    I haven't seen any threads on here or anything online about how long the remote controller will last. When I had my P3 Pro I used to get like a dozen flights (running the drone battery right down each time) before it hit 1/4 capacity. Any ideas on how long the mavic controller will last in...