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  1. Joymaker

    Mavic Air stolen at Page, Arizona

    By the fantastic shores of Lake Powell is Page, Arizona, and there I unpacked and repacked my full car one evening to find my laundry. Thereafter my backpack and the Mavic Air in it (with case but without controller or other good stuff) came up missing. Serial number 0K1DF191BD9XHF . If you...
  2. G

    My 3 Days old Mavic Pro got stolen

    I bought a Mavic Pro 3 days ago and was planning to go for a first test flight this weekend. Unfortunately, somebody broke into my appartment yesterday, stealing my camera, lenses and my new mavic (including it's box) . Is there any way DJI can track it? I only have my invoice, it was'nt...
  3. StevenR296

    Mavic Combo stolen in Michigan

    I'm just wanting to vent a bit so I'll post this here. I went skiing yesterday at Bittersweet in Otsego, Michigan. Afterward, I took some shots of the hill and got a little bit of footage. When it was time to leave, I was tired and set the Mavic bag on my car, took off my gear, threw it all in...