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My 3 Days old Mavic Pro got stolen


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Jul 21, 2017
I bought a Mavic Pro 3 days ago and was planning to go for a first test flight this weekend. Unfortunately, somebody broke into my appartment yesterday, stealing my camera, lenses and my new mavic (including it's box) . Is there any way DJI can track it? I only have my invoice, it was'nt registered yet, but I'm going to ask for it's serial number where I bought it.

Since every Mavic has that unique serial number, I'm guessing they would be able to tell me where it's located the moment it's used?

Any help is deeply appreciated.

In theory yes, but firstly the seller pretty certainly won't have a record of the serial number of your unit, so unless you recorded it yourself not much chance. Also since it wasn't activated DJI could be reluctant to help in that case (from a neutral point of view, you could be the one trying to extort a Mavic from the "legitimate" owner that just activated it...

Insurance claim time I'd say...
I'm pretty confident the seller would still recognize me, since I've been there 5 times before the actual buy. I'll try to contact DJI once I have the serial number and maybe the seller can back me up.
No doubt about the seller trusting you, but usually sellers do not keep track of serial numbers so he'll likely have no way to help you.
Sorry to hear that. Report it to the police
go with your homeowners/renters insurance if you can.
Unless the AC was used in a crime venture, the police will not really bother with it.
Sorry to hear that.
Have you checked your invoice?
Mine states the S/N of the Mavic and even the extra battery I bought together.
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