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  1. J

    Think this is safe? Wired my strobe to the circuit board

    I pieced together a mavic pro and when I went to see if it would actually fly the other night I realized my strobe stopped working. Narrowed it down to the battery pack, pulled that off and wired in the strobe to the circuit board in place of one of the front lcd's. I'm not an electrician but...
  2. Cookedinlh

    VLOS Compare M2E Strobe vs P4P Strobon vs M3E Searchlight

    Here is why VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) is a "no brainer" when you have the new Mavic 2 Enterprise with the spotlight. You will have to go full screen to see. This is only HD (1920x1080) but the differences are obvious. Sorry I should have done this on a tripod . . this was hand held . . but it...
  3. P


    Hello from Ireland, The Stroban Cee Lights & Flash Fill in Light is it safe to place them on certain places on the Mavic Pro....see this video clip link where they are you think that is a safe place from the point of Satelittes/GPS contact???
  4. N

    Strobon - Standalone LED Strobe: Configurations

    So I've seen a fair few people talk about Strobon both on here and in other places, and htink it would be really beneficial to have. I'd just be interested to have a consolidated report from those who have them as to what their configuration of their selected Strobon's are and their placement...
  5. T

    Flytron Strobon LED holder

    I have uploaded to Thingiverse STLs to attach the Strobon LEDs to the arms of the Mavic. Flytron Strobon LED holder by triafgg