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  1. P

    Submerged drone

    So my mavic pro was submerged for like 7 minutes maybe. Didn’t take the battery out till maybe 10 minutes after I found it. It will turn on and the light will flash and then it’s a blinking yellow light but the fan doesn’t start and it won’t connect to my phone. My question is which parts...
  2. S

    Mavic 2m under the sea - survived

    Hello folks, thought I'd share an experience with you. At home we have a pool with a salt water system. When phones or electronics get into the pool, we immerse in burning alcohol to remove the water, agitate for a while, allow to dry out and they generally work OK. One phone had funny...
  3. A

    Drone submerged in the lake

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum. My drone was down and I want to seek some advise on: 1) how come the auto RTB (and warning) did not function and gave me sufficient warning on returning earlier? 2) how do I go about the replacement drone (I still have the remote controller)? Neither the Mavic...
  4. Zonahawk


    Got a little too close during this shot and almost paid for it! Luckily I had my Mavic in water launch mode and it shot out of the water like it was made for it! This was very muddy water and I'm happy to say after a couple weeks both the battery and drone survived the plunge and are working...
  5. TrayBoz

    Looks like the the Mavic is waterproof.

    For those of you who have not seen this video and own a Mavic, you really should check it out: This guy loses his Mavic in the water - it stays completely submerged in several feet of dirty water for over 1/2 hour, then he finds it, dries it out in a bag of rice for 3-4 days, replaces the...