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tablet for the mavic pro

  1. gjmphoto

    Tablet Advice Please - Use of BT35E with Fluidity, you'll understand

    OK ... I now have my BT300 glasses working with a BT-35E Box, Excellent! I just got them tonight and have seen them work with an HDMI cable from my laptop. Great. Lots more experimenting on the horizon. Now, the advice I need: I want to purchase an Android device that will run Go 4, that has...
  2. M

    I need a cheap, but good tablet only for my mavic pro...wich one any one?

    I need a tablet for my mavic pro, (android) Cheap and good...wich one? Thanks
  3. S

    Possible New Tablet ?

    Hi people I have found this On amazon and it appears to have a good spec, GPS, 3G connection good size screen etc , your thought would be greatly received please.
  4. B

    Any experience with using a Galaxy Tab A running Android 6.0.1?

    I struggle to see the video feed on my Samsung Note 4 (crappy eyesight/insufficient brightness on the phone) and am wondering whether it would be a better option to use my Galaxy Tab A as the controller instead. Anyone have any experience with this configuration? DJI Go 4 App stability and...
  5. M

    Newbie from Spain

    Hi guys, I can't wait to get my Mavic and I will probably upgrade it with a Tablet. I am unsure if the tablet I want to buy needs to bee a WI-FI only on a 4-G tablet (phone tablet). I am planning to use the Litchi app and access the Mission Hubb at Mission Hub - Litchi to retrieve my...
  6. K

    Galaxy tab pro 10.1 issue.

    Hey there, so after finally getting fed up with not really being able to clearly see the screen on my note 5 I decided to look for a tablet to use with the mavic. I looked around and found a post that had a list of working tablets, looking through and looking at prices I went with the galaxy tab...
  7. Spanish Flyer

    Have a Samsung Note 3 and want to use a bigger screen (ASUS Eee Transformer Prime TF201, but..)

    I find that even with a big Note 3, the image and touch screen is a bit small for my liking, so since I have the ASUS Transformer Prime TF20 that I don't use any longer, I was hoping to remove all non DJI apps and have it committed to flying the MV. I did install the DJI GO on it some time ago...