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taco rc nd filters

  1. Pituophis

    Got taco rc filters, what is the UV filter for?

    I got Taco rc filters that came with ND 4, 8, 16, 32 and a UV filter. I've used the a couple of the ND filters and they are great, but what does the UV filter do?
  2. MikeC

    ND32 filter and activetrack while skiing

  3. G


    Tests done on the afternoon of Feb 20th. Weather was cloudy and gloomy, threatening rain and was windy. Mavic is stationary using my Galaxy Tab S2 to capture screen/prints. My goal was to try each filter from the UV to ND32 within the same time period to see which filters would come closest to...
  4. MavicMikeGA

    Wow! POI Video w/ Taco ND 16 Filter, 15-20 MPH wind, cached footage

    TLDR (Video): ND16 Taco filter let me step down to 50 FPS, 100 ISO POI rotation at about 25 feet radius and 15 feet up. Video footage was very...
  5. G

    TACO-RC Filter vs NO Filter

    This is somewhat of a comparison of not using a filter and using a Taco-RC ND 32 filter on the Mavic Pro 4K camera. I say somewhat because the recordings are a few days apart but the weather had not changed that much. I used LUT tables in Filmora (Star Wars) to get the best visual on the lower...