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take off

  1. G

    Flying around Acadia National Park

    Has anyone found a location around Acadia that's safe to take off/land at? I have had some luck with asking around for other locations so I figured I would ask here. I'm going on Fri and Sat this week so any suggestions are appreciated. And yes - I know I can use map tools, but sometimes it's...
  2. A

    Boat or Ship Launch or Take Off Warning

    Here is a cautionary tale for boat take-offs. I had permission to fly my Mavic Pro from the back of a ferry in the Mediterranean. I had hoped to fly around the vessel to practice getting some stills and video while at sea and I was given a clear deck space at the rear of the ship with railings...
  3. L

    Crash during auto take-off

    I have a new Mavic Pro drone. After calibrating the compass and IMU I flew it successfully for the first time yesterday. Today, after updating the firmware and Fly Safe databases I tried to fly the drone again in a location about 300 metres from the first location. The grass was a little long...
  4. C

    Take Off Tactics

    Most of you will know that the grass doesn't need to be too long before it can cause problems at take off because the props catch the blades of grass. The solution is to take off away from the grass but this isn't always practical. I'm thinking of carrying something, maybe a small bit of...
  5. blacksilverod


    Hello everyone, I recently went on a trip to a cruise through the Amazon River. I had an accident with my mavic. I didn't realize the ship was moving, or, if I thought it was moving, I didn'd think it would be significanty fast. But right after taking off the Mavic and hovering about 1 m over...
  6. S

    DJI Mavic Pro - Limitations and procedures

    Hi. Can anyone assist in telling me the operating limitations (such as crosswind, visibility, precipitation etc), and also, specific procedures (start, take off, in flight, landing and shutdown) of the DJI Mavic Pro? Thanks.
  7. I

    Take off question

    Hello. I want to ask some questions about mavic pro that I don't understand. If I take off for example from a building roof 20 meters from ground and I have set the RTH altitude to 20 meters what will it happen when RTH engage? Also will it land safely in the roof? Also what if I change home...
  8. Pegasus1

    Can't take off in PrecisionFlight

    Decided to give PrecisionFlight a try and learn about mapping. Mavic is supported. Initially I couldn't get the PF app to connect to the remote, but problem fixed by clearing app defaults. Now I have a new issue. I loaded a short flight plan and clicked Fly, plan uploaded to the drone, then...